Friday, January 19, 2018

21 Month Baby/Toddler Update

While we were in Disney over Marathon Weekend, Brayden turned 21 months old! I feel as if these past 3 months have really been a huge growing time for Brayden in all aspects of his life. It's amazing to watch his thought process play out in his everyday actions. He's picking up on things incredibly fast and now follows my requests reasonably well. For example, I can ask him to pick up his socks and shoes and bring them to me and he will.

Clothing: 18-24 month clothing; 2T fits him but is still a little big
Diapers: Size 4 for both day and night time diapers (same as before)
Shoes: Size 5 and some size 6
Weight: 30 pounds (estimated)
Height: 33 inches (estimated)

Over the past month or so, he seems to have gotten so much taller. His adorable little thighs are starting to lean out which makes me kinda sad, I'm not gonna lie!

He's also learned the excitement of a slide! He almost prefers going down the slide over swinging now! The park is the BEST place in the world, too. He gets SO excited every time we drive up!

The word "hat" has been one of his main words but he has since incorporated the word "shoe" and "uhoh" as of Christmas Day. He's still a kid of just a handful of words, but they are coming in more rapidly how. He babbles ALL THE TIME!

Over the Christmas holidays, he met "Santa" about a bazillion times. It wasn't planned, it just seemed to happen that way! (Seriously I'm pretty sure it happened at least 4 or 5 times!) Thankfully, he isn't scared of Santa one bit!

He also LOVES animals of any sort, especially dogs and birds! Running up and down the boardwalk with the birds is one of his favorite things to do!

Christmas was really fun this year because Brayden was more into the lights and sounds and he loved pushing the buttons on a few of my "magic" ornaments!

Opening presents was interesting this year, too. He realized that he could rip the paper on presents and that was really fun, but once he ripped into the paper, he wasn't sure what to do next.

Brayden also experienced snow for the first time in his life! We had fun playing in it together although he wasn't too sure of it at first.

Our Disney trip took place during the week that he turned 21 months old. He LOVED seeing the Disney ducks and got a huge kick out of them!

Brayden had his second Disney haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop while we were there. They always do such an awesome job with him. Bonus points for our reflection in the mirror! :)

He also ran his second race while in Disney, this time the 100 m dash and he had a BALL! His little squeal while running down the track was so cute! He had the opportunity to give Mickey a high five right before crossing the finish line which he loved!

Speaking of running, this kid is on the go go go all the time! He also loves to eat. Some of his favorites are pizza, vegetables, yogurt, tacos, and refried beans. He will eat almost anything except he's still not a fan of mac&cheese which super confuses me but ok, whatever!

Puppy Dog Pals is the new favorite around here. He especially loves the music and songs from each show. There's a YouTube playlist of only Puppy Dog Pals songs, so that's a huge hit at my house! I'm thinking his second birthday party will be Puppy Dog Pals themed and I've seen some really really cute ideas on Pinterest so I'm excited about that!

As far as sign language goes, he has the signs down for "more", "please", and "eat". Lately, he's been using the "more" sign even when he just wants you to hand something to him. For example, he wanted an M&M and he knew where they were he took my hand and walked me over to the cabinet...then he let go of my hand and looked at the M&M jar and started signing "more". It was really funny, so I had to give it to him!

In just 3 short months, Brayden will be 2 years old. This has been quite a journey, one that is getting more and more fun by the day! I'm so thankful for our sweet little blessing...he really does make our lives complete! :)


  1. Brayden is getting so big! Its amazing just how quickly the time flies by and how quickly they grow. I love his big smile in all of your pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    1. Thank you! I agree, it's so crazy how fast time has flown by!

  2. Brayden is such a cutie, I love how he high-fived Mickey during his race. Kid has his priorities straight, LOL! Thanks for sharing him with us. :)

  3. He asked so nicely for those M&M's :)

  4. That Mickey Mouse outfit is just too cute! :)


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