Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Vintage Minnie & Dopey Challenge Costumes

Happy New Year! 

This weekend was full of fun things, especially those related to our upcoming Walt Disney World trip for Marathon Weekend! Our bags are mostly packed and we are ready!

We will be spending our week at Port Orleans Riverside with plans for visiting all four theme parks over the course of seven days. Jason's even taking a Disney fishing excursion with a friend of ours where they will have the opportunity to fish in World Showcase Lagoon before EPCOT opens for the morning! He is SO excited!

As far as other plans go, we will be at the Expo on Wednesday afternoon and Brayden will be participating in his first 100m dash on Friday morning! 

For the races, I'll be sporting several different outfits, most of which I've already worn...whoops. The full marathon is a different story, though! A friend of mine wanted to run the full dressed as Steamboat Willie Mickey and that's where the idea for Vintage Minnie came into play!

Putting this outfit together was SUPER easy as it didn't require any extra work on my part. With running the full marathon, I wanted everything to be functional and easy to run in.

Vintage Minnie Costume

For the costume itself, I put together the following pieces:
  • Solid black dry fit BCG brand shirt from Academy
  • Sparkle Skirts sparkle light vintage blue skirt
  • Legend Compression sleeves in black
  • Vintage Minnie ears from Etsy (my running buddy purchased her Steamboat Willie ears from the same vendor so we will match!) 
Vintage Minnie Costume

Vintage Minnie

I used this picture as my inspiration....

Vintage Minnie Costume

...and voila! 

Easiest costume ever!

For the 5K, 10K, and Half, I decided to bring back a few oldies to wear again. We had so much fun running as Anna & Elsa several years back for the Enchanted 10K, so that was a no brainer. Lilo definitely needed a redemption race since most of that one was spent under a poncho in pouring down rain (the Wine & Dine Half of 2014 aka the "Splash & Dash"). We couldn't decide what to run as for the 5K and as a last minute (literally) idea, we threw in Mousketeers to the mix (from the Disneyland Half of 2013).

Mousketeer Karen Costume

Mousketeer - 5K

Anna & Elsa Costume

Anna & Elsa - 10K

Lilo Costume

Lilo - Half Marathon

So, if you happen to see me out there, please don't hesitate to say hello!

If you're running this weekend, have a GREAT time and enjoy every moment! If it's your first runDisney race, I hope you have a blast!!


  1. Love your costumes! I hope that you have a blast at Disney this weekend!!

  2. I love the outfits! I have to admit that I've reused Disney outfits before.


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