Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Snow Day In Louisiana Take 2

In a rare and incredibly crazy set of events, Southwest Louisiana experienced snow once again yesterday.


Twice in one season, about 5 weeks apart.

In the south.

The deep south.

I still can't quite believe it!

On Monday afternoon, we were notified that schools were going to close the following day due to the crazy weather predictions. Well, Brayden was scheduled to attend Mother's Day Out on Tuesday (which was also closed due to the weather) and since everyone else was working, I ended up with a "snow day" myself! By mid-morning, the sleet started to fall and continued to do so the remainder of the day. It began to snow around 4 o'clock yesterday evening and to be honest, I was shocked to see it once again! Y'all have no idea, this is seriously unheard of here, and to have it twice in one season...say what?

As soon as I saw the snow, I bundled Brayden up and took him outside to play in it!

He had a blast and loved crunching in the snow with his boots!

If you remember back last month, snow stayed on the ground for two days and as I ran my half marathon, I saw snowmen all over town. Yesterday's snowfall wasn't near the accumulation we had in December, but it was still fun to play in!

My dogs weren't quite sure what to make of it! Aren't puppy prints in the snow just the cutest thing? :)

For a look back, here's a snapshot of December's Louisiana snow fall. Isn't it crazy how much it snowed that day?

We definitely didn't have near this amount of snow yesterday, but it was still fun to see! We are cutting our day at work short today and instead of starting early, we are starting around lunch time when it's hopefully warmed up a little more and it's safer for people to be on the roads.

Our entire town shuts down every time it ices over like this which is totally understandable because we aren't used to this at all!

How does my husband feel about all of this cold and snow?

Well, I'll let you be the judge of that! Hah!

How has your winter been? Do you regularly see snow or is your area like mine where it's an exciting event every time it snows?


  1. That's crazy it snowed that far so south...but the weather has been super crazy this whole winter, so I guess crazy is the "new normal"...and us runners just have to learn to adjust to extreme temps, I guess

  2. I'm so jealous! It's just cold here. Going to be 29 tonight!

  3. We had ice this go-round, not nearly as much fun as last month's snow! You guys were lucky, but wow, hasn't this been a weird winter for the south?!

  4. You're right, he might not! It's so strange to see...and twice in one year!


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