Thursday, September 20, 2018

Disney Cruise Day 3: At Sea Day

Our first full day on board the Disney Fantasy was an at Sea Day. It also happened to be formal night and our plans didn't include a whole lot of anything, which I loved.

We did sleep in a little bit after a late night at the adult club, then we decided to grab breakfast at Cabanas. Leisurely eating breakfast while relaxing and people watching was so nice and definitely something we haven't had a chance to experience in a little while.

Mickey waffles and museli are a favorite of mine on DCL.

Our first "activity" for the trip took place mid morning in La Piazza. We are huge nerds and LOVE Disney trivia, so we played as many rounds as we could on this trip! We also won!

Between lunch and the next round of trivia, we explored the ship and took a few pictures.

I also had my first specialty coffee from DCL (EVER...can you believe it?) and it was delicious! My new barista friend also gave it to me as a "gift" from Mickey for my birthday! Now that's a way to get the cruise started off just right! :)

Before dinner, we played another round of trivia...this time, it was Disney music trivia. We also saw a guy we recognized from the adult club the previous evening and he was alone, so we asked if he wanted company. He was a super sweet guy from London and we loved making a new friend! In fact, we continued to play trivia as a "team" several times throughout the cruise! He also loved our team name, by the way (Idiots on a Cruise prevails)!

As I mentioned before, formal night was also this evening and I'm so glad they decided to put this on the very first full day on the ship, before everyone was sunburned with weird tan lines and such.

Our dinner that evening was in Enchanted Garden. This restaurant is so pretty...I love the atmosphere!

When you start off in the restaurant with your meal, it's day time. As the meal progresses, the sun begins to set and the flowers begin to awake. By the time dessert has come around, it's night time and the stars are out. It's such a neat experience!

After returning to our room, Jason surprised me with a room full of decorations for my birthday the following day!

It was such a fun surprise! I loved it!

After a relaxing day at sea, we slept peacefully and prepared for our next relaxing day at sea! Take me back, please?!

That's it for today! Thanks for following along with our recent cruise vacation! Stay tuned for more next week! :) 

What's your favorite part of an at sea day?


  1. I'd be all over the Disney trivia. One of my friends asked what good Disney songs there are to run to. "OK, everyone, I got this."

  2. Love your team name! You look so pretty in that pink dress and the meal experience sounds awesome.

    1. Thank you so much! That dress was a last minute find after the great China dress disaster! I do love it, though!


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