Friday, September 14, 2018

Fitness Friday - 9/14

Long time no Fitness Friday!

This was our first full week back at work from vacation and we really got back into the swing of things! Brayden is doing awesome at Mother's Day Out and loves his little class! I was also able to get back into the groove with running and Orangetheory as well. Let's take a look!

Fitness Friday

Currently Training For:
  • Dopey Challenge 2018 - Walt Disney World
  • Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon 2018 - New Orleans, LA 
  • Contraband Days 5 Miler 
  • 4 on the 4th
  • Castaway Cay 5K (Cancelled)
  • Rock n Roll San Antonino Half 
  • Fairy Tale Challenge 
Sunday - Rest Day
Monday -
3 Mile Run with Brayden
Tuesday - Orangetheory Endurance Workout
Wednesday - Orangetheory Strength Workout
Thursday -
Rest Day
Friday - To be determined! :)
Saturday - 5 Mile Run

What a fun week we had!

Towards the end of last week, I had a small punch biopsy on my lower back which resulted in two stitches. All is well and nothing is wrong, but I was instructed not to work out for "a while". In my mind, "a while" translated to take it easy on the weekend and it's ok to resume on yeah, that's what I decided to go with. Nurses are stubborn folks, I tell ya.

So, on Monday after work, I loaded Brayden up and we went out on a 3 mile run around the neighborhood! It had been a while since he'd gone with me and he enjoyed seeing familiar sights. About halfway through, I noticed the air in one of the tires was almost completely flat. Whomp whomp.

Oh well, we still kept a good cadence and pace! I was happy with it!

After work on Tuesday, I stopped by Orangetheory for an endurance workout.

This. Workout. Was. So. Tough.

We did mini bands along with other crazy things on the weight floor. The treadmill workout wasn't easy either. I've also noticed a huge change in my splat points since this new formulation they've come up with. My calories and average heart rate stay about the same, but I'm in red a LOT more. I used to feel like I had to workout to the max in order to just get in the orange zone and now, I'm hitting the red zone when I work out in the same manner.

So, I took that idea into account on Wednesday when I returned for my next Orangetheory workout and I dialed it back just a smidge. To be honest, I felt kind of tired from the previous day's workout, but by dialing it back a little, I actually felt great! I also love that no two days are the same movements, so where we did a TON of squats on Tuesday, we did mostly upper body on Wednesday. You'll notice my red zone time is much less, but my average heart rate and calories burned are close. I think I'll continue to take this approach from now on.

Thursday was a rest day because I was seriously sore from three days in a row of pretty hard workouts/running. I am pretty sure I haven't done anything like that since Dopey's Challenge in January!

Other fun things this week included a Disney Cruse Line inspired dinner of Jerk Chicken and Dole Whips for dessert. These "dole whips" are super easy to make and relatively low in calorie! I was shocked to see that this ranged about 70 calories per serving!

I'll definitely share this recipe in an upcoming post soon!

I also enjoyed a lot of fun Brayden time this weekend since Jason was working nights! We spent Saturday morning at the mall, playing with a friend!

He LOVES being around other kids and he especially loves the little playground in the mall. It's so much fun and a great way to spend a gloomy Saturday morning. Auntie Anne's pretzels might also be right across the way and they get me almost every time. Dangit.

Seriously, grown up is he?! I just love it!

Well, that's my week in a nutshell! I hope to do some yard work this afternoon/evening and plan on a distance run tomorrow. I'll have to bring Brayden along, so air in the Bob tires will be necessary this time around!

Have a great weekend! Do you have any fun plans?


  1. Aww, he is definitely turning into such a little boy! I wonder if he could feel the flat tire on the BOB?

    1. I’m not sure but that’s a good question! It wasn’t completely flat, just’s all fixed now! :)

  2. Oh my, Braydon looks like a little boy now! He really is adorable.

  3. Nurses are stubborn, and runners are stubborn. Whenever I've had moles biopsied my first question is can I still run? Very important.

    1. Yes, exactly! She kind of gave me that side eye... hah!


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