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Disney Dream Day 4: At Sea Day

Our final day on the Disney Dream was a day at sea! It was relaxing and enjoyable and just the way we like it!

When Brayden woke up that morning, he had a random dark substance smeared all over his face and the bed sheets. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was actually a melted chocolate coin from Pirate Night the night before! Jason said Brayden fell asleep holding all three coins and was unable to locate one of the three in the dark. He assumed it fell down somewhere but was apparently still in Brayden's hand and it melted everywhere! After stripping the bed, I alerted the room attendant that the substance wasn' know....and we all had a good laugh over it! (Including Brayden)

Brayden still talks about the melted chocolate coin to this day!

Although we were scheduled for Palo Brunch that morning, we still wanted a small bite to hold us over, so we ordered a little room service. It was yummy, too! :)

Our first stop after breakfast was the Art of the Theme Ship tour. This is a tour I've taken on all four ships and pretty much each Disney Cruise I've done. It's a fantastic way to learn about the history and decor of each ship. If you have a chance to do it on your next cruise, I highly recommend it!

Palo Brunch, anyone?

Our plans for this brunch included the other couple from our travel party. They were first timers and we couldn't wait to hear their thoughts!

Palo brunch includes four tables for the beginning (and middle, and end) of your dining experience. 

One table has fruit, pastries, and amazing sticky buns while the others host seafood and savory options. The fourth table is my favorite's dessert!

My starters! So good!

We also took the opportunity to split several of the main menu items with our friends so we could try out more dishes!

The calzone...

...lasagna... (my personal favorite!)

...parmesan crusted chicken...

...and the sirloin steak!

My favorite part was dessert!

After Palo, we tried our hand at the Ultimate Disney Trivia!

Tisa was our cast member for this trivia challenge and I don't know if you've ever played Tisa's ultimate trivia before, but it's HARD, y'all! She asks questions on things no one ever thinks to look at our count! By that I many movie tiles are on Prince Charming's Regal Carousel. Like...what??

The next stop was back in our rooms to change into regular clothing once again. We also might have shopped a little on our way back to the pool to meet up with our friends!

Before dinner that evening, we played our final trivia challenge this one, we WON!

It ended in a 3 way tie and I was able to snag it in at the tie breaker question! "Idiots on a Cruise" reign once more! :)

My trivia medal added to the collection!

The gingerbread house was being built the entire duration of our cruise. We were sad to miss the Merrytime cruise celebration by just a few short days, but we still had Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party to look forward to!

That evening, we took part in a must-do of any Disney Cruise, the "Kiss Goodnight"!

Various characters are out and about in their cruise attire to say goodbye to their guests.

Brayden had a chance to see Daisy, Goofy, and Captain Mickey!

Ahoy, mate!

Although we were sad to say goodbye to the Disney Dream, we still had Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party to look forward to, and we couldn't wait!

Stay tuned for the final update of our November trip (finally) from Disney Springs!

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  1. What a lovely brunch! Now looking back, do you think a lot will change with how DCL does their brunch in the future?


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