Thursday, February 3, 2011

Say what?

Recently, Megan over at contacted me and asked if I would like to create a few of my very own signs! I agreed and she was so helpful and kind through the whole process! The signs/bumper stickers/etc are so easy to create and Build-A-Sign’s shipping is super fast!

I debated and changed my mind and played around with lots of designs before I finally chose the finished products!

Bumper Stickers:


Window Clings:


The window cling is the design I had the hardest time with! It originally said “Don’t forget to dream!” but I felt as if that didn’t convey the “running” aspect of it all! On my way to work one day, it clicked! Chasing down dreams….and so it was! :0)

Last but not least,

Custom Signs:


At the Disney Marathon, we looked EVERYWHERE for the Sharpie people so Jason could make a sign to hold up while I ran, but we couldn’t find them (they were in a different building this year than they were last year). SO, now we won’t have to do that because have a travelling durable portable sign! Yay!


He wouldn’t pose for me so I had to! Hehe! :0)

Thanks so much to Megan and the awesome people at Build a Sign! I love everything!!!

Megan was very kind to send a few extra bumper stickers and window clings my way, so if you win my raffle/giveaway, you’ll receive an extra goody! By the way, I only have FOUR people entered for this raffle SO, that means you’ll have an even higher chance of winning! Two prizes will be awarded so check it out! :0)

I’m sure you all know of this awful winter weather we are having. Well, don’t laugh, but here in the south, we are NOT used to this at all! If there’s even TALK of snow or sleet, our schools, banks, etc are SHUT DOWN for business! That’s the case for the end of this week. Today, all schools in our parish were shut down and will be again tomorrow! We were sent home from work early today and I doubt I’ll be at work tomorrow.


We aren’t too far from Houston (in Louisiana) and we’re almost as far south as you can get, so we’re getting some VERY unusual weather for us! There’s talk of SNOW tonight/tomorrow! We haven’t had a “real” snow here since I was five years old. I think we are due!

This is what our deck looks like at the moment….

DSC_0040 DSC_0042

It hasn’t been THIS cold here in a LONG time!!! It’s crazy and it makes people go crazy! We went to Wal-Mart today to shop for a wedding shower that we are hosting on Saturday and believe it or not, the bread aisle was empty, the peanut butter section was empty, and the ground meat section was empty! You would think people are evacuating for a hurricane for goodness sakes! My question is, what are these people going to do with their un-cooked ground meat if the electricity goes out ? I guess they’ll just put it outside! :0)

Hope everyone is staying nice and warm!!


  1. Yay for -- my sister works there! And double yay for getting snow-like stuff in South Louisiana!!!

  2. I can't wait until I can sport a 26.2 bumper sticker. It's like a badge of honor! Great job creating.

  3. My favorite are the people who load up on frozen dinners before storms - are they going to cook them over a candle?

    Hope your staying warm - I'll gladly send some of our snow your way!

  4. Love the signs! They are really cool! I was wondering if you made them yourself or not.

  5. ya'll got a lot more ice than we did, that is for sure! Most of the school in our area are closed!

  6. How cool is that sign! Please try to stay safe and warm.

  7. Cute signs!

    Is the weather getting any better? I feel so bad for you guys not being able to deal with it. It snowed once when I was in college in SC and my friend from Houston freaked out when he saw a snow plow b/c he had no clue what it was!

  8. I love your signs!

    The weather has been crazy everywhere lately! I went to Wal-Mart today and the whole egg aisle was still empty and this guy was on his cell phone telling someone he just needed one egg for something, but couldn't find one anywhere.


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