Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet-Teen Birthday Party Operation Beautiful Style! :0)

Last night, I held a “Sweet Teen” Birthday Party for my high school girls at church!  We had a great time!


Yummy food!


Cake from the best cake place in town!  It was sooo good! :0)


There was a twist to the evening and that’s why I’m blogging about it.  Inside each gift bag was an Operation Beautiful book and a pad of sticky notes to get them started! Heather gave me the idea!  Thanks, Heather! 


I also wrote each girl a personalized note as well as two Operation Beautiful sticky notes to keep inside the front of their books.



My girls!

We started off the night by singing Happy Birthday, then we dug in! :0)


After we finished eating, I gave each girl a sticky note with a special message on it.  All of the messages were taken from the Operation Beautiful website. I could hear them whispering….”What’s Operation Beautiful?”   I then read Caitlyn’s story from the intro to her book to the girls.  The LOVED the concept!!  After reading her story, I gave them all their gifts!


Needless to say, it was a huge success!  They started immediately writing notes!


This one was left on the cake! :0)  …and a little cake was left on her mouth! Hah!

DSCN0099   DSCN0102  

I loved this one on the dry erase board!  What a great idea! 


I can’t wait to hear the stories they will have to share about their Operation Beautiful adventures!


Thanks Caitlyn for making such a huge difference and impact in the lives of girls and women everywhere! 

For more information on Operation Beautiful, visit


  1. yay! so glad it went well! Looks like they are off to a great start. That cake looks amazing!

  2. oh I love operation beautiful! I plan on covering disney in notes when I'm there :)

  3. This is so amazing!! You are wonderful, Karen! You have such a big heart, those girls are so lucky to have you!

  4. AWww thanks guys!! :0)
    Ros, that's awesome!!!!!

  5. This is so cool. Morgan is right; they are lucky to have you!!

  6. Karen that's awesome!!! You do so much for other people: raising money, running races and now this! They're lucky to have you!


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