Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wedding Shower! :0)

This past weekend, we threw a wedding shower for my sister in law. It was a joint effort between three of the bridesmaids as it was supposed to be a Bridesmaid-hosted shower. 

It went over without a hitch and I feel as if I can finally breathe again!  We sent out 115 invitations and had about 70 people show up!  Great turn out, great friends, good food…we had a fabulous time!

Well, I had a fabulous time…all except for the Chocolate Fountain.  This will come to be known as the “Great Chocolate Fountain Disaster of 2011”.  Don’t ever say the words chocolate fountain to me ever again.  I had to wash it out twice, re-do the chocolate, add more oil…sadly, it never did work for us so we took the fountain part out and let people just dip the items in the chocolate. The bad part? I worked on that stupid thing for an HOUR AND A HALF! Oh well. 

Seriously, I. HAD. CHOCOLATE. EVERYWHERE.  You can see it on my shirt (luckily, I brought my shower clothes along with me so I could make messes and it not really matter!).  Well, it was on the countertop, on the floor, on the programs for this morning’s service…ugh.  Disaster.

Now onto happier times! :0)


Our fabulously awesome centerpieces!  We were very proud of these! :0)

DSC_0061 DSC_0066

Our table spread of food!!! :0)

DSC_0075 DSC_0094

Awesome cake!


Three of the five bridesmaids! :0)  We are awesome Bridesmaids, yes we are!! :0)

Lacey (the Bride) opening her gift from us…..

DSC_0134 DSC_0136

This is Melissa and I acting like idiots cause we are cool like that.  The pins on our shirts say “Bridesmaid” and ours were both crooked, so we took a picture with our heads crooked. Nerds, I know. That’s how we roll.


Bridesmaid Hostesses with the Bride (she’s the one wearing the pretty corsage)! :0)


Melissa decided to use part of my chocolate fountain as her “handle” and she sang “I’m a little teapot”.  She’s special…but that’s why we love her! :0)


….and last but not least…..

Here’s the reason I SCREAMED and RAN out of the storage room.


I found a church mouse!  He was a friendly church mouse though, and we reasoned that he has Jesus so he’s ok.  :0)

That’s all from the shower and I’m glad it’s over so I can finally breathe again! :0)

Backtracking to Saturday morning….I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and met my running group for a six mile run!  We ate at cute little local cafe after the run and I had a blast! I look forward to more days like yesterday! :0) Needless to say, by 7 p.m., I was exhausted! I slept 10 hours on Saturday night!! I needed it! lol

Now, I’m blogging and watching the Super Bowl with my husband and my parents are about to join us!  We are having Taco Soup for dinner! :0) 

Two years ago, when the Yankees and the Phillies were in the World Series, I wore my Astros jersey to a World Series party at my In-Law’s house.  In spirit of that night, I’m wearing my Saints jersey now to represent my home team! Hah!  I’m a nerd but it’s ok! :0)


  1. I love taco soup! It's so good on these cold days!

    congrats on the shower going so well minus the c.f. problem. thats a lot of people to plan for!

  2. You guys did so good with the shower! It looks wonderful!

  3. Wow, it looks like an amazing shower! Way to go

  4. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! :) I noticed you run for Determination. I would love to run the NYCM '11 for them and have been emailing them for the last couple of weeks, but no answer whatsoever. Do you know how I could contact them? If so, would you email me at sillygirlrunning[at]hotmail[dot]com? Thanks! :)

  5. Nerds are the best =) The shower looks awesome. What a lucky sister in law. Sounds like a great day!

  6. The shower looks like a great time! I love the cake. I totally feel for you with the chocolate fountain disaster...they can be a lot of work sometimes :)

  7. What a great job you all did! Looked like a fun time!

  8. your fountain looks quite disasterous. LOL! Glad everything went well!

  9. Lots of yummy food:) Looks like a great time for all!!

    I gave you the stylish blogger award:) Check it out!!


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