Monday, October 8, 2012

KLUTCHclub Review

Recently, I was contacted to do a review for KLUTCHclub September box of the month – Spa Month!

From their website, KLUTCHclub describes their product as, “The best of all Health, Wellness, and Fitness products delivered to your door for less than $18 per month!”

They even have a men’s box option – so don’t feel left out, men!


I was so excited to receive the box in the mail! I couldn’t wait to open it and check out everything inside!

IMG_8342 IMG_8343


On top of the goodies was a card that explained background information on every item in the box.

Item descriptions

I was very excited to receive this month’s Spa Box! Inside were over $100 worth of products that I would have only paid $16-$18 per month for!

Items in my box included:

-Anatomy Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask (sample size)
-EBOOST Natural Energy Booster Mix (2 sample packs)
-Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Lip Gloss in Winterberry (sample size)
-Natural Vitality’s Natural Calm Magnesium Powder
-Taylors of Harrogate Tea
-Dream Water Sleep Aid and Natural Relaxer
-Soothing Music CD from Sequoia Records
- iTrain Mobile Workouts $50 gift card $50 gift card
-EcoTrek Fitness Whole Food Bar
-Cremo Company Women’s Shave Cream
-Zenify (drink)

After opening the box, I immediately registered for iTrain and ordered several workouts from their site. iTrain has a lot of workouts at a .mp3 style format – I’m a very visual person so I had to listen to samples of several workouts before I found one that suited me, but I like what I found!  There’s a wide variety of workouts on their site depending on your goal, so there’s something for everyone!

I also registered for Prior to receiving the box, I looked over’s website to see if my massage therapist was listed. His name was listed so when I received the card, I applied it to my account and attempted to book an appointment with him…..with no such luck. Upon further review, it appeared to me that every massage therapist in my town was located on the website whether they are actually registered users of or not. I did receive an email from a representative who offered to assist me with booking a specialist in my area, so hopefully they will be able to help me find one!

The only other thing I didn’t like about the box is that several items were really small or were “sample” sizes. However, I see that KLUTCH has changed that next month with their October box! They have created a box that is full-sized, functional and considerate of dietary needs!
Their October box description:

“Our ‘Surviving the Holidays’ box will help you avoid constant dessert temptation, arm you with healthy holiday recipes, motivate you to stick to your workout routine and escape your nagging relatives. Yep, all that in one box.”

Check out KLUTCHclub’s October box and get in on the club today!

October’s box even contains a pair of YurBuds! For only $16-$18 for a box full of goodies, that’s not a bad deal!

Too keep up with the latest information on KLUTCHclub, you can find them on:


(Disclaimer: I was provided with this product for an honest review. All opinions and views expressed are entirely my own.)

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