Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sweat Pink Vlog #4

Today’s Vlog topic comes to you once again from my Sweat Pink Ambassador friends!

Missed past Vlogs? Here they are:

Sweat Pink Ambassadors Vlog #1
Sweat Pink Ambassador Vlog #2
Sweat Pink Ambassador Vlog #3

Today’s questions:

If you're the racing type, what's your favorite distance and why? What do you think about while working out? In other words, how do you stay entertained?

Today’s Vlog is a short one due to the fact I was watching the World Series and was quite nervous about the outcome! :0)

I’m sad that baseball is over for the season, but I’m so glad for my favorite former Astro and Philly, Hunter Pence. :0)

Also, for anyone interested, I have six additional sets of Frush coupons to send out! If you’d like a set, please send an email to kren2700@gmail.com and I’ll send them right out to you! First come first serve! :0)

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