Saturday, October 13, 2012

Next Half Marathon Coming Right Up!


I’m going to keep reminding myself of Jillian’s quote as I prepare for my next Half Marathon this weekend.


I’m running the Gulf Coast Half Marathon in Mandeville, LA.

This will be my first Half Marathon since the Houston Half this past January (a very painful race where I ran on a known injury).

Every time I think about this race, I become sick to my stomach. I find myself constantly refocusing my thoughts to the fact that I get to hang out with these lovely ladies all weekend…


….and I get to see my friends….


….and I get to catch up with my RunLA family!

Dscn0952 305129_248641678524683_141711469217705_678890_262590628_n

Yes, it’s shaping up to be a lovely weekend, indeed!! :0)


  1. Good luck with your race! Isnt it funny how we hold the memories of past races so tightly? I know I do.

  2. Random here :)
    Good luck tomorrow!
    I'm racing too..first race after a bit of a long injury so I'm a bit nervous!

  3. Get out there and kick butt! Let the excitement of the weekend and your friends carry you through the rough spots. You can do this!

  4. Hope the race went well. Looking forward to your report.


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