Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Meet, my brother.

No – he’s not a cowboy, he’s a State Trooper and he thinks he’s a funny trickster.

Today after work, I was on my way to a post-race massage appointment when I received this text from him:


I was completely confused! I could not even remember the last time I visited his town much less received a citation or summons for court. I worried that he wrote a ticket with my name on it and didn’t tell me! I wondered how they even connected his name and mine? Of course, my heart started beating fast and my face turned red. I decided to call the number before my massage appointment so I could semi-relax and not let this message worry me.

Completely flustered, I attempted to type the address for my massage appointment into my GPS only to realize that after I started driving, I had typed in the incorrect address! The address I typed was leading me into a bad area of town! Wow.

I dialed the number and was VERY confused by the message. I was told that I missed jury duty last Monday (even though I don’t live in his town!) and had two options - #1, pay a $500 fine or #2, spend 30 days in jail.

After listening to the spill, I was informed that I am very gullible and I need to continue passing the message along to my friends.

Then, I was laughed at.


Thanks, brother. You got me good.


  1. Hopefully your massage was still relaxing. :)

  2. That's awful but kinda funny. Hope you made it to your massage on time!

  3. how mean! dislike! I would have been freaking out too!


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