Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Run Louisiana Day, A Musical, and Santa! Oh My!

What a weekend!  Busy busy busy non stop!

I ran Frosty’s Great Cupcake 10K at home on Friday which benefitted the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


I also received a sweet medal and a Snowman Sweaty Band! Love it! I took the 6 mile run really slow because I had a 12 miler to run the following day. I’ve been running back-to-back runs for a few weeks in training for Goofy’s Challenge and I’ll tell you one thing I learned – it ain’t easy! Saturday morning, my legs feel like dead weight! NOT looking forward to this weekend’s 21 miler (which means 11 miles on Friday! Eeek)!!!

Saturday morning, Heather and I met up to run 12 miles downtown! It also happened to be Run Louisiana Day which is why we are sporting our sweet shirts in the picture below!


Saturday’s run was HOT and HUMID and I felt as if I were dragging my legs through wet cement. Ugh. Despite the conditions, we pushed hard and ran most of the way. We kept a good pace too, which was really nice!

I ran Louisiana! Did you?

After my run I freshened up, then made my way to church for dress rehearsal. Our Production was set for Sunday morning and we were in need of a costume and set run-through!


Mayor Hallmark ready for duty! Our production was called The Secret of Snowflake County. :0)

The production went over SO WELL! I was very proud of everyone who took part!


Sorry it's blurry…but it was really dark in there!


We also took our puppies to meet Santa on Sunday afternoon! They really enjoyed going for a car ride!


Sunday night, we had a post-production party where we watched our performance on the big screen! I’ll admit, it was very strange hearing myself speak!


….aaaaaaand somewhere in the middle of the  madness, Jason and I were able to finish putting lights on the outside of our house! The good news – we didn’t have to purchase a single strand of lights this year! Two years ago, we bought a ton of lights (all the ones you see in the picture) and last year, we didn’t know what to do with them, so the lights sat un-used in a box.  Yes, this weekend Jason spent several hours on the roof clipping each and every light in place. Isn’t he awesome? I called him “Sparky” all weekend….

Source: Google Images

Ok ok maybe it wasn’t quite that bad…. Smile with tongue out A little Christmas Vacation humor for you there!

I did have to leave him all alone on the roof while I went in search of extra clips. The trip took a little longer than expected because I couldn’t find clips anywhere – and when I got back home, he was still on the roof. Poor Sparky….


Monday morning at work, I received the flowers from my sweet parents for a job well done!

Overall, I’d say I had a really productive and fun weekend!

Christmas is creeping closer and closer! I cannot believe it's almost here! Hope you have a fabulous week! :0)

Have you finished Christmas shopping yet? I have not!! Aaah!


  1. I have not finished Christmas shopping either, I am getting closer however. I am hoping to be able to finish on Friday. My problem comes in that I have two things I am making for gifts, I need to find a time to finish making those. Note to self: start making 2013 Christmas presents in January 2013 maybe they'll actually get done on time.

  2. Great few days of running!
    Love the pics of your puppies with Santa!

  3. Love the photo of your dogs with Santa. We have a little Yorkie too named Lulu! Sounds like the Goofy training is going well....next week is my last big week with 12/24 miles on consecutive days!


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