Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jingle Bell Run 2012

Last night, my running group help their annual Jingle Bell Run, which also happens to be my favorite run of the year! I missed the Jingle Bell Run last year because I was in Disney World, but I was able to attend the year before that!


When I arrived, my friend Kelli hooked me up with Jingle Bells for my shoes! No Jingle Bell run is complete without Jingle Bells! :0)


After everyone was set with jingle bells, glow bracelets, and blinking lights, we gathered for instructions from our running coach, then we were off!

The Jingle Bell run followed my favorite running route – and my favorite road to drive at Christmas. All of the homes are lit up and decorated for the holiday…you can even hire a horse/carriage to take you on a tour of the area! It’s beautiful!


This home is hands down my favorite! I stop to admire it every time I pass! :0)


We made it to mile 1! Yay!


Several homes we passed….


Kelli was pointing at the boat on the lake – even it was decorated for Christmas. Unfortunately, my picture came out too dark!  :0(


We were treated to a huge pot of gumbo after our 3 mile run…and it was yummy, too!


Kelli and Darren


Jason and I :0)


I love my running buddies!

On our way home, Jason and I also drove through the Civic Center parking lot to check out these guys….


Looking good!


I had a great time and loved seeing all of the lights! We missed my friend Heather because she wasn’t feeling well. Hope she feels better soon!

Merry Christmas! :0)


  1. That looked like so much fun. Wish we had a night race with loads of Christmas lights!

  2. fun! I remember you posting about that last time has it really been TWO years oh my gosh! Glad you had a good time!

  3. fun! I remember you posting about that last time oh my gosh has it really been two years?!? Glad you had fun!

  4. I am totally jealous that you aren't running on snow and ice. I am running on a solid foot of snow and a layer of ice outside currently which leaves me on a treadmill (I hate running distances on a treadmill).

    Enjoy the running outside for all of us up north.

  5. LOOOVE holiday lights! I try and do a few evening runs during this time of year to check out the lights around my neighborhood. I bet I would love the race you did, although I get a little disoriented running at night. Do you?


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