Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jingle Bell Run! :0)

Every December during the week of Christmas, my running group holds its Annual Jingle Bell Run!  It’s not a race, it’s not anything timed….it’s very similar to the Turkey Trot I ran Thanksgiving Day with my mom.  The Jingle Bell Run is very family friendly and very much open to walkers or runners.


I arrived about 5 minutes late, but before I began my run, I needed a picture of my watch from Saturday before I reset it!  Hah!  Thanks for all the awesome comments you guys left me on my last blog post about my 21 mile run!  This weekend has been insane and I promise to catch up on blogs during the week! :0)


Our board! 


No Jingle Bell Run is complete without Jingle Bells on your shoes!!  I loved running and hearing everyone’s shoes jingling! :0)

This run is my most FAVORITE run of the year!  I look forward to this run all year long!  We run down my favorite route along the water downtown….and we pass right in front of all the gorgeous homes decorated for Christmas! Can we say LOVE!!!!

101_1976 101_1977 101_1979

This house had a Santa out front handing out Candy Canes!  I didn’t get any pictures or video of Santa though because it also had 2 cops out guarding the house!  (These people pay for cops to patrol every single year!)  It also happens to be my favorite house on the route!!! They have Christmas music piped it and it was a lot of fun hearing the kids sing along as we ran by!


You could run 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 miles!  I chose 4.  I was surprised I could run after my long run on Saturday but I did great!  I ran pretty hard and it felt awesome!! :0)

101_1982  101_1984 101_1985

An awful picture of me running! Hah!


After the run, I got to see Santa!!!!


We also walked the circle in front of our Civic Center.  It was here that we were taped and placed on the local 10 o’clock news!  :0)


This was the news guy! :0) 


Amanda and I!! She’s running the Houston Full!


Mica, Amanda, and I!


On top of all the fun, I also won a DOOR PRIZE! I never win door prizes!  Woohoo! I was so excited!  Amanda, Heather, and I all won! :0)

Now I’m off to fundraise for our American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation group!  Have a wonderful night!! 

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Love this! I really need to find myself a running group. Running solo is starting to turn dreadful :( You guys have so much fun!

  2. that sounds so fun! I hope I can find a running group when we move!

  3. They have a run like that here - but it's in the morning and a lot of people dress up. I think it would be so much more fun at night to see all of the lights on the houses!

  4. Looks like a great race, and then to win the a door prize too! Awesome!

  5. Sounds like a fun run! I wish they would do one like that around here.


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