Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I’m a nerd. A huge nerd. I’m about to prove how big of a nerd I am to you! :0)

On a side note first, I just realized that I can do ONLINE check-in for our upcoming Marathon trip!! Woohoo! It’s already time! I can’t stand the anticipation/nerves/excitement, etc! I’ll start getting things together and packing this weekend! Eek!

As I’m writing this, I’m watching a mile by mile recap of the WDW Marathon video on YouTube!! So neat to see! The music at the start of the video made me smile! Whoever put this together did an AWESOME job! I cannot WAIT! I’m crying watching the end of this video so I can only imagine how I will feel at the end of the real race!!

Here’s the link incase you are interested!

WDW Marathon - Mile by Mile recap video

Ok now to the reason for this entry….my total nerdy-ness!

I love music….and for each race that I run, I dedicate a “theme song” for that race. There….I said it…nerd, right?

Well, in full force of my nerdy-ness, I’m SO excited because I just found my Marathon song for WDW Marathon weekend! I like doing this because when I hear the song in the weeks/days leading up to the race, I get excited and it makes me smile. Just a little something to help keep my focus and keep me excited about the race!

A few songs I’ve used in the past:
(BIG nerd, remember?! I love the Disney Channel and a lot of their artists including Demi Lovato, the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus. Yes, I AM 28 years old, I promise!)

2010 WDW Half Marathon – Celebrate You by Corbin Bleu
I know this was already being used as the parks theme song but I decided to use it for my race, too…this race was a first ever for me so that was exciting!!!
2010 Rock and Roll Jazz Half – Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus
You hate the song, I know. So does my husband! Hah!
2010 WDW Wine and Dine Half Marathon – Feeling Alive by the Jonas Brothers
The cheese continues. It was a night time race and the lyrics to the song fit! “This is the night, for feeling alive…” When they sang this song at their concert this past September (yes I went to a Jonas Brothers concert), just weeks before we left for WDW, the 12 year old in me came out in full force! “This is my Half Marathon song!” I yelled to Kayla!! See what I mean? Excitement…anticipation…yeah.
OK then. Moving on.
2010 New Orleans Jazz Half - Dynamite by Taio Cruz
Totally different from my other choices, huh? :0)
2010 Swamp Stomp – My best race (PR wise) to date and believe it or not, I registered 2 weeks before the race and didn’t have enough time to pick a song. That should tell me something right there, huh? Hah!

Alright, so now onto my song of choice for the 2011 WDW Full Marathon – Long Live by Taylor Swift!


It’s off her newest album Speak Now and it’s a song that she wrote for her band…but I really like it! Check out a few of the lyrics… (The parts in bold are my take!!) :0)

I said remember this moment
n the back of my mind
(Yes I will definitely experience many moments like this!)
The time we stood with our shaking hands
(Or shaking bodies depending on if it’s cold outside! If not, then the shaking will be the result of nerves!)
The crowds in stands went wild
We were the kings and the queens
And they read off our names
(People on the sidelines cheering you on!)
The night you danced like you knew our lives would never be the same
You held your head like a hero on a history book page
It was the end of a decade
But the start of an age
(Crossing that finish line…feeling like you can accomplish anything because YOU just ran a MARATHON!)

Long live the walls we crashed through
(Lots of barriers were broken with training/signing up for this race!)
How the kingdom lights shined just for me and you
(Kingdom lights…get it? MAGIC Kingdom…yeah!) NERD
I was screaming long live all the magic we made
And bring on all the pretenders
One day we will be remembered

I said remember this feeling
I pass the pictures around
Of all the years that we stood there on the sidelines
Wishing for right now
(2009….Wishing I could one day accomplish what so many others were at that moment!)
We are the kings and the queens
You traded your baseball cap for a crown
When they gave us our trophies
And we held them up for our town
(Our Medals…bright shiny Mickey Medals…)

There’s more to the song but that’s all my insight for now! :0) So now you know what goes on in my cheesy little head! :0)

Hope you all have a great night! It’s very rainy and nasty over here! I’m supposed to go see a movie with a friend and I HATE driving in the pouring rain…I hope it lets up soon!

Happy New Year!! :0)


  1. Great song! I have to find one for this years race. Last year was definitely Celebrate You by Corbin as well. It's on my running playlist and it makes me smile every time it comes on.

    LOVE those recap videos as well. I have all of his Disney race vids favorited so I can go back and watch them as much as I can.

  2. SO glad I'm not the only one that does it! lol

  3. hahaha you ARE a nerd. I have a few favorite songs for running but not really one for particular races. I havent seen that rae video yet. going to watch now!

  4. Wow I love your passion for running and your song choice, I love TSwift! Good luck, you are going to be amazing!

  5. Interesting. I've never done that. Maybe I should...

  6. I LOVE that you have songs for each race. Mine for the 2010 WDW Half was A Dream Is A Wish by Disney Channel Circle of Stars. It was used in a WDW half marathon video on YouTube that I'd watch all the time!

  7. That video was awesome! I was going to say, hey, that looks like 2009...I had such a great time then and wish I was going back! Have a great race!!!

  8. I love that you choose songs for each race. It is pretty neat! I remembered when you yelled that at me too at the Jonas Brothers concert! hahahahah


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