Sunday, December 19, 2010

21 Miles: DONE!!

Saturday morning, I had my longest training run yet….a 21 mile run!  This also marks the longest run I will do before my Full Marathon in just 3 weeks!!! 


Saturday morning was cold, but it was in the high 40’s, low 50’s so it wasn’t too bad!  I met up with my running group at 5 a.m. and four of us set off on our run.  The other three girls are running the Houston Full and Saturday morning was their 16 mile run… thankfully, I was able to run through that part with them!  Otherwise, I knew this run would have been MISERABLE without their company!


We veered off course a little when we saw THIS house!  Isn’t it incredible?!  They also had music playing!  We looked like a bunch of little kids standing in front of the house with our mouths gaping open in awe! 


Yes, we ran into the first part of their yard to take pictures.  Bad, we know. 


Tara and I with the Grinch!  Hah!  :0)

The run wasn’t too bad.  It was very long (obviously…it was 21 miles after all)…and it took me about 4 1/2 hours to finish.  It was nice running the first part with the other girls. They really helped me make it through!  My lower body started aching right on cue of course…14 miles.  It never really stopped and was hard to run through but I made it!   At least at Disney, I’ll have things to entertain me while I run! :0)

I was the last one to finish (I was the only one running 21 miles on Saturday) as I am the only run running the Disney Full (two of my friends are running the Disney Half but their run obviously was shorter than mine!).  Even though I finished last, our coach and Julie were waiting for me with a camera and a Go Run medal!!!!


I LOVE this idea and think it’s so cute!  Even though it’s just a cheap plastic medal, I still earned it!!!


21 miles! Oh yea!!!

After the run, I had to go to work (which is only like 2 blocks away from where we run), freshen up super fast in the bathroom, then get to an associate event that our team planned.  It was crazy but I made it!!

Today, my thighs are really sore but other than that, I feel great!  I did feel kind of loopy yesterday after the run and I’ve been sleeping a lot this weekend but I guess Marathon Training will do that to you! :0)

I had a VERY busy weekend!!!  Besides the run, I also had our work Christmas party, our Children’s Ministries Christmas party for Church, a Christmas Party for friends at my house, and my sister in law’s Graduation party!!!  Needless to say, after church this morning, I took a 2 hour nap on the couch. I was worn out!

A glimpse into the rest of my weekend….

I got a haircut….no….wait…..


It’s a wig!  Friday, this wig was floating around our department and I tried it on!! My hair would NEVER behave like this….even if I wanted it to! Hah!


We had our work Christmas party where we all received Kindles from the Doctor that we work for! :0)  (The girl to my right is wearing the wig!  It really made it’s way around! Hah!)  We are a small department and we share everything…we aren’t very worried about coodies…as you can tell!!


SO excited about this one!!!


I got this in the White Elephant game we played!  SO excited!!!!


Yummy Gumbo (which I ate TWICE on Friday…once at our work party and again at our church party!)…

  work party

Our gang!  I love working with these guys!  :0)


Saturday night was our friends Christmas party at my house!  We had a BLAST! :0)


Yummy desserts!! :0)


Everyone intently watching Mickey’s Christmas Carol.  Every time they said the word “Christmas” or the word “Bah Humbug”, we had to pass the gift to the right.  It was crazy trying to keep up sometimes!!  Crazy but fun!  Last year, we played the game with “A Charlie Brown Christmas”!  Whatever gift is in your hands at the end of the show is the gift you get.  Then you can trade if you want but you don’t have to! :0)


Bah Humbug!!  SWITCH! 


This was the result of our game…I got a POUND of Russell Stover chocolate.  Holy moly.  I have no clue what I’m going to do with all of this!!!  I hope it doesn’t ruin my Marathon Training!!!



  1. great job on your the bling. it is going close to the final countdown! You can do it!

  2. Great run! You will be glad you did 21. I am anxious to hear what you think about Disney. I am thinking about doing it one day.

  3. Great job on your 21 miles! I can't wait to hear how you do at the marathon!

    All of the food from the holidays can really wear down on a person! Maybe you can take a few chocolates out and freeze the rest for later? Or share ;)

  4. Awesome job on the 21!! :) Love the medal too, I want one! BRING.ON.DISNEY!!!


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