Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Shutterfly Christmas! :0)

I love Christmas cards. I love sending out Christmas cards to loved ones and friends just as much as I love receiving them!  Year after year, I spend hours searching for the “perfect” Christmas card, the one that best tells the story of my family or showcases our family photos the best. 

I’ve found that the best cards come from Shutterfly.  They have a wide arrange of designs and layouts to chose from at little cost to you! 

It was incredibly hard for me to chose my favorite design this year!  I loved so many different ones!
Here’s just a few of my favorites:

Snowflake Band (I think this is the one we are going to go with!)

Sharing the Love (This one is awesome cause you can document family achievements and accomplishments over the past year!)

Faith Hope Love (Of course this one is just awesome!) :0)

Not only do they offer awesome Christmas cards, but their Photo Books rock!  I create a photo book for each Half/Full Marathon that I run and it’s a great way to showcase my accomplishments in the race! 

There are many other Christmas Photo Cards to chose from!  Go check them out! :0) 

Also, be sure to find Shutterfly on Twitter and Facebook!

Merry Christmas!!

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