Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Album Release Party!

A short break from blogging about running…and onto a post I should have published a while back!  I just realized that I forgot to blog about this awesome night, so here we go!


My friend and Best Man from our wedding, Tommy Faulk has released a new album!  We were so excited for him and couldn’t wait to hear his new music!  Unfortunately, my husband had to work the weekend of his album release BUT, I found two awesome friends who wanted to ride over with me (the party was about an hour away from where I live).  I was also asked by his cousin to help work the merchandise table…which in theory means…I’M WITH THE BAND!  Ok…maybe not but it sounded good to me at the time! Hah!


Tommy rockin’ it out on stage!  My husband the jokester came up with a phrase a few years ago “TFINAB”-stands for “Tommy Faulk Is Not A Band”…..well, this picture is proof that he officially now IS a band!  We edited the phrase to “TFIKNAB”…Tommy Faulk Is Kinda Not a Band!”  Hehe!

His new album, “Valleys In Between” is awesome!  I’ve always been a fan of his music (he’s a singer/songwriter) but this album has a different feel to it. 

A review written by the critics the guy who married us! :0)

"Valleys In Between" by Tommy Faulk - WOW!!! The pop-leaning groove is a great blend of unadulterated worship and Christian encouragement. Slightly more edgy than I've heard from Tommy in the past. Nice acoustic and electric guitar riffs flow smoothly over a tasteful collection of driving and melodic bass grooves. Genuine Lyrics and outstanding vocals. If you haven't gotten it yet...hurry!!! Way to go, Tommy!”

He’s so right.  I’ve been jamming to this (and Christmas music) in my car ever since the party!


Working the merchandise table with Tommy’s cousin!  Oh yea…I’m with the band…yes I am! Haha!


Melissa (the goofball) freaking out over the star of the evening!  She even got his autograph!  :0)


After the concert, we stopped at Dairy Queen!  It’s such a shame…all of the Dairy Queens by us closed years ago and we never get to indulge in Dairy Queen anymore! (Or maybe that’s a good thing?)  Oh well either way, I had an M&M Blizzard!  Mhmm good! :0)

You can check out Tommy Faulk’s Website  here…

(If you find a video on his website (under “Media”)…I took that about 4 or 5 years ago…wow has it been that long?….at one of his first concerts at the Back Door!)

He also has a Facebook Fan Page here….!/tommyfaulkmusic

And huge bonus!  His music is now on iTunes!!

So very proud of my friend! :0)

Check out his music!  His new album would make a great Christmas present!  Actually, I bought an album for my dad and it’s wrapped under the tree, ready for Christmas! :0)


  1. Nice! Congrats! go your friend Tommy. It's always nice to see someone making their dreams come true:)

  2. So cool that you know someone that's releasing albums! Oh, and all the Dairy Queens closed by me too, but they still advertise on TV! It's like they're rubbing it in that I can't have anything :(


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