Monday, November 29, 2010

18 Miles: Done!

Saturday was a day that I had been dreading worrying about for a while.  My 18 mile run.  My 2nd highest mileage to date!  Just one more jump of high mileage (20 miles) and I will be at the peak of my Marathon training!  This means…gulp….that the Marathon is just around the corner.  Yikes!


When I started my run, it was a freezing 32 degrees.  Frost covered the ground.  Some runners even had frost develop on their hats!  It still seems crazy to me that just 2 days before, I wore shorts for the Turkey Trot! 

I decided to try out my Compression Socks under my tights for extra warmth.  Boy was I ever glad I had those!  I was comfortable for my entire run!  It was great!

I ran the first 1o miles with my friends, then they left me to return to the warmth of their homes.  I continued on my journey for another 8 miles.  I got bored multiple times on my run so I took some pictures to share! :0)

I love how our coach breaks up our long training runs.  This one consisted of three different 6 mile routes.  It’s more do-able to me when I think “Ok, I just have another 6 mile run and I’m done!” 


Pretty tree-lined path downtown!


My new best friends….my Sauconys!  When you find the perfect pair of running shoes, it’s like a match made in Heaven! :0)


The oldest church in our town! :0)  It’s BEAUTIFUL inside!  Lots of weddings are held here!


Last 6 mile route, along the water!  Fabulous!



Do you see what is up in front of this house?!  CHRISTMAS lights!!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE running along the water during Christmas!  My favorite group run was last year the week of Christmas at night!  We all ran together downtown along the water to look at all the houses lit up with Christmas lights!!  It was so much fun!  This house is my favorite along this route! :0)

I did really really well during this run.  It was about mile 14 when everything started to ache.  This happened to me during my 16 mile run a few weekends ago, also. 


Me at mile 15 wondering if I would make it to 18! LOL


I was thankful once again for my Hot Hands that saved me during this run!  These bring me back to Disney in January when it was FREEZING for my very first Half Marathon!  These things saved my butt!

I came running in with a huge smile on my face, even though I was aching everywhere!  I just did it! Aaaaaah! 


I DID IT!  I finished my very first 18 mile run!!!


It took me a little less than 4 hours.  After the run, I stretched, talked to coach for a while, got hot chocolate, etc. I forgot to turn off my watch!  When I came running in, I was just barely over 18 miles, right under 4 hours!  I also don’t stop my watch at water stations, breaks, etc, so I have no clue how my true time played out!  Oh well!


The weather AFTER I finished running!  Didn’t warm up too much!

I came home, took a shower, and a nap, then went to my parents house to help them decorate for Christmas! :0) It was a fun day!

When you have a long run planned and it’s freezing outside, do you get out and run anyway, run on the treadmill instead, change your run to a different day, etc?


  1. Congrats Karen!! :) I just did my first 18 yesterday too! Crazy how close the race is, right? Sounds like you ran on an awesome course though...mine was pretty darn boring. :( I need to definitely pick a new route for my 20. I usually run in the 14mi park by me since I hate dealing with cars, etc. As for running in crappy weather? If it's my long run, I'll pick the better of the two weekend days. If both days are crappy though I'll run outside regardless. Just layer up, bundle up, and go! It probably helped prepare me for the horrific weather at Disney last Jan!

    Ok, time to get ready for work...I just have to hobble out of bed. I'm sore! :(

  2. congrats! i ran with my marathon friends during the last 8 of their 18. I don't know how you did that part alone! good job!

  3. Congrats on the 18-miler! I love that you took a picture of your Garmin for proof! :)

  4. Way to rock that 18 miles run! You do not look happy at mile 15 lol

    Who's plan are you using to train?

  5. Great job on your 18 miles!!!

    Question: How do you get your Garmin to show per mile - mine is on per KM and I can't figure out how to change it :(

  6. First, thanks for sharing your training stories! I've enjoyed reading them.
    Woo hoo for 18! Just finished mine tonight. And yes, it is crazy how close the race is. WDW will be my first full...

  7. Wow! Congrats! you are amazing. I just started running 2 months ago. This past Saturday I was able to complete my first 5k. I have a long way to go before I get to where you are but you are such an inspiration.

    Great Job!

  8. That's awesome-way to go!


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