Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sweet 16 and Cookies!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  We worked 1/2 day today which was FABULOUS!  It gave me a chance to come home, finish up today’s baking, and clean the entire house!  Now I’m about to wrap the Christmas presents that I have already!  Yay!

Sunday, one of my girls from church had a surprise Sweet 16 birthday party!  It’s hard to believe that these girls are already 16 years old!  I’ve taught them since they were in 4th grade and I love them oh so much! :0)





She had no idea!


Me with the Birthday girl!


As a JOKE, they tried to make it a “19th” Birthday party since the restaurant we were eating at was only doing “Brunch” and if they were older, it could have been a “Champagne Brunch”!  Haha!  (None of us drink, by the way…obviously they don’t! lol)


More of my peeps! :0)


Amazing!  French Dip sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries!  Oh yes! The food was really good!  I’d love to go back! :0)


If you know Emma at all, you know she loves to eat!  Especially candy!!!


What did I tell you?  Haha!


Even more candy!!!


Time for cake!


The group!

Also, this past weekend, I tried Oh She Glows’ recipe for Pumpkin Pie Banana Chunk Oatmeal Cookies! 

They were delicious!


I’m not a huge pumpkin fan but these were REALLY good! I love how her recipes have no refined sugar in them-therefore, these cookies weren’t incredibly sweet!  They were perfect!


Check out the recipe!  It’s a perfect Thanksgiving treat! :0)

Pumpkin Pie Banana Oatmeal Cookies

I’ve also made a few of her recipes for Thanksgiving but I’ll have to post pictures of those after tomorrow! :0) 

Hope everyone enjoys their Turkey Day!  We have SO MANY reasons to be THANKFUL! 

I am SO BLESSED!  :0)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    That's pretty nice bonding..

    "Sport is not about being wrapped up in cotton wool. Sport as about adapting to the unexpected and being able to modify plans at the last minute. Sport, like all life, is about taking risks."
    - Sir Roger Bannister ~chaco sandals

  2. Sounds like you've been busy and having fun!


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