Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jumping on the “Thankful” Bandwagon!

This morning, I ran a long run alone. All by myself. I don’t ever do this because I have a wonderful group of running friends that I get to run Saturday long runs with!  However, most of them are in San Antonio this weekend to run the Half/Full Marathon…which leaves me at home, by myself! :0)

My run this morning was rather boring…and it got me thinking how Thankful I am for my running group!  I love them all very much! :0)

Sept. 4, 2010 090

If not for great running friends, I would have NEVER made it through this run a few months ago!

Nov 6 2010 060

Or this run last weekend!  (I ran the last half of this run alone….but was very grateful for my friends who ran the first half with me!) :0)

I guess I made this morning’s run boring for myself because I ran it in my neighborhood….the same 2 mile loop I run in the afternoons.  Only this time, I had to run it FIVE times to get through!  I jammed out to Christmas music on my iPhone via Pandora radio and that kept me pretty entertained, I guess!  lol   It was a Christmas music mix of Martina, Michael Buble, Point of Grace….a very wide variety of artists!  Awesome! :0)

I took 2 GU’s during the run. I kept water, powerade, and the GU’s in my mailbox and took them as I needed them!  (I passed my mailbox every 2 miles!)  Today was my first time to try the new Island Nectar Roctane….it was good but I think I prefer the Blueberry Pomegranate Roctane over this one!

I also had to change my shoes during the run. I’ve decided that I’m returning the Brooks and sticking with my Saucony Hurricanes (see: The Great Shoe Debate!).  I like the feel of them on my feet and I guess I’m just used to them. I do feel like I gave the Brooks an honest chance….I ran a 5 mile run, a 4 mile run, then 2 miles in them this morning. I’m just not feeling the shoes!  At first I thought maybe it was because I was still recovering from my 16 mile run last weekend but I don’t think so!  (Which by the way took me almost an entire week to recover from thank you!)  The shoes still felt funny this morning so I’m definitely going to return them and get a new pair of Sauconys! :0)

After the run, I came inside and made myself….what other than….a peanut butter banana smoothie!  I added a little twist to it today, though!  Instead of drinking a chocolate milk, then drinking a smoothie, I used my chocolate milk as a milk substitute in the smoothie!  It was SO good!!! 

Besides that, I online Christmas shopped a little today….that’s always fun!  I also have a wedding that I am photographing tonight. I’m a little nervous about it because it’s outside, at night.  I have an external flash but I’m just worried how it will turn out.  Oh well, I’ll just go with the flow and do the best I can, I guess. I definitely am not a professional!  :0)

We watched the Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night on Netflix.  It was VERY long but a very intriguing movie. It kept me interested the entire time.  I cried through most of it but it was good to see. I doubt I’ll watch it again, though…because it did make me sad.

Anyway, hope you have a fabulous weekend! :0)


  1. Good job getting through that run. And enjoy the new Sauconys

  2. you are def lucky to have a running group! Bobby listens to music while we run so we don't talk much so I basically run alone haha!

  3. So glad you have a running group. I'm working on finding people to run with. I just got some Roctane samples and was wondering which to try first. It will be the blueberry pom. Looking forward to following you.

  4. you won the sweaty bands! go to my blog for information!!!!


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