Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The right shoe! :0)

“Cinderella has her glass slipper and you have the Saucony Hurricane 12.”

Yes I do!


Finally!  I’m back to my original shoe.  It took me a whole trip around the block to figure out that this was the right shoe for me, but at least now I know! 

I. love. these. shoes. 

The shoes fit my foot great, they are comfortable, and my feet/ankles/legs don’t hurt when I’m wearing them! 

I packed a running bag to take to work with me this morning in hopes of running during lunch.  I thought it was cooler outside than it really was so I put shorts and a long sleeve shirt in my bag.  After I got to work, I realized it was much warmer out than I originally thought and I hoped I wouldn’t kick myself for packing a long sleeve shirt.  Thankfully (lucky me) the temperature dropped by lunch and the wind picked up…it was downright COLD outside!  I’m glad that the weather this morning didn’t fool me, otherwise, I wouldn’t have had enough covering me during my run!  I got in 4 miles in about 43 minutes. I felt great and I LOVED my shoes!  This was my first time to run in them and they were great.  (I promise after this post, no more talking about shoes!)  :0)

It’s funny how the right pair of shoes can make or break a run!

We also had our very first group DetermiNation meeting tonight!  We discussed fundraising ideas and running tips…it was great! I loved chatting with everyone!

Check out our DetermiNation team page….
Also check out my personal DetermiNation page….

Every little bit helps in the fight against this terrible disease!  :0) 

So now back to shoes…What do you run in?


  1. Glad you found the right shoe!
    I thought I needed a stability shoe (so did the people who fit me) and I went through 2 models of Nike Equalon's till my coach suggested I try a neutral cushioned shoe.
    Now, I wear Asics Gel Nimbus, and I've been basically injury-free since then!



  3. I decided to start running and finding the right shoes has been driving me crazy! I got specially fitted last year and those shoes HURT! They didn't help with my shin splints and aren't comfortable. I just ordered something different, so we'll see how they turn out!

    I'm glad you finally got back into what feels comfortable to you :)

  4. I have Asics Gel Nimbus. I got them back in the summer, but am looking ahead to what i'll get next.

  5. Glad the shoes you are using are the correct ones. I an interested to know if they will be able to find the right shoe for me or if the ones I am wearing are the right ones!

  6. yay for shoes! I wear asics but my toes bleed so IDK lol!

  7. Sauconys rock! I'm a Ride wearer myself =)

  8. It's good to know you choose the right shoes. Actually, I always used my saucony running shoes. I am comfortable in using it as well.


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