Thursday, November 11, 2010

The great shoe debate!

I have a confession to make.

I’m a bad runner, I know it.

I’ve never been “properly” fitted for running shoes!

There, I said it!

I’m in a running group and up until a few weeks ago, the only way that I had been tested to see what type of shoe I needed was by the paint test.  One Saturday about a year and a half ago, after I finished my run, my bottom of my foot was painted with purple paint where I then stepped on a sheet of paper. I was told that according to the arch of my foot, I need a stability shoe, so off to a local athletic store I went!  Our nearest “real” running store is an hour away and I just haven’t had a chance to make it over there yet. 

Well, apparently 90% of my running group was driving to this running store so guess what?  They decided to open a store in my town! YAY!  Here’s my big chance to have a “proper” shoe fitting, right? 

Well, I decided to make my way over there last week after work.  I met the owner who is very knowledgeable in the wonderful world of running shoes.  He made me take off my shoes and socks and walk around the room for him.  He also used a measuring thing to get the proper size of my foot. 

He told me that I don’t need a stability shoe, what I really need is a neutral shoe so he put me in a pair of Mizuno’s and a pair of Brooks.  

I took a little run around the store in one pair, then in the other. They both felt really cushy on my feet.  I couldn’t decided and it really took me a long time to figure out which shoes I should get!


This was taken when I couldn’t make up my mind….I took this picture and text it to a friend to help me decide! :0)

Brooks on one foot and Mizuno’s on the other!

I bought the Mizuno’s and came home to try them out in a real run. OH.MY.GOSH. the shoes HURT my feet so much!  I got through a mile and a half and decided to adjust the shoes.  I ran a little more and I knew the shoes weren’t for me.  It made the underside part of my right foot hurt!  So I returned the Mizuno’s and bought the Brooks instead. 


I’ve run twice in the Brooks so far and they feel funny on my feet.  They don’t hurt, they just don’t feel as good as the Saucony’s.  I’m trying to figure out if I have this mindset towards Saucony’s or if really these shoes aren’t working for me!  I think I’m going to return the Brooks and wait until they get a shipment of Saucony’s in.  I NEED new shoes but they can wait! :0)

So….what’s the true proven test? Evaluating  your arch……having someone watch you walk……or both? :0)   (I already know the answer to this I’m just sayin….)

Random pictures of the day:


Look who is hiding on my front porch!  He’s so cute all lit up at night! :0)


I love my flowerbed!! 

And for your random fact of the day: 


It’s Rad Tech week this week!  Go hug a Rad Tech and tell them thank you for all of the hard work that they do!  I work with Radiation Therapists (basically they have a Rad Tech degree with a specialization in Radiation Therapy) so we celebrate every year with breakfast! :0)  ((That’s not chili, by the way….it’s gravy for biscuits! lol)

And last but not least….


Happy Veterans Day! God Bless You ! You'll never knowhow much it really means.

Have a fabulous day!


  1. saucony makes a neutral shoe too; that's what i wear. maybe that's what you should try next.

  2. I've never been properly fitted for running shoes either. I have this thing about people touching or looking at my feet.... freaks me out. It's irrational and ridiculous, I know, lol. Maybe I should just suck it up already.

  3. sorry for the shoe issues. I know I wasn't a whole lot of help when I got your text lol! I have only ever worn nikes and asics and I may be switching again!

  4. Alexis was telling me how much she loves the Mizunos. I need to get fitted for running shoes I wear my shox when I run..Love the Mickey Pumpkin

  5. I was initially fitted for a stability shoe, but as I ran more, I noticed that i really didn't over pronate, and I was having major ankle and hip issues. After my first half, i went and got refitted into a neutral shoe which cured all my issues! I have very low arches, almost flat, so technically, I guess, I am a stability girl, but neutrals work best for me. I got major arch blisters in my old stability shoes, but get no blisters at all in my neutrals. I don't even body glide my feet anymore! I wear asics gel nimbus. I also have some Nike vomeros but those give me hot spots if i run over 10 miles.

  6. Hi Karen, what nice shoes! When I was running I never got fit for running shoes either, I just managed to find some good Asics to wear. I like the shoes you picked, they are nice! Mickey is adorable, he made me happy. :)

  7. That pumpkin rocks.
    I always have problems finding shoes that work for me and I have been fitted.


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