Friday, December 7, 2012

Warding off Sickness

After months of preparation, the time has finally arrived! In just two days, our Church will present it’s Christmas Production “The Secret of Snowflake County”. Yes, it’s a kids Christmas musical but guess who has the lead role?

Yours truly!

The production calls for a “Mayor” which requires an older teen/adult age to play the part. When I was asked, of course I jumped on the opportunity! I love doing stuff like this!
My costume is ready and I’ve listened to the CD more times than I care to admit (going back to October!) – I’ve even been caught “over dramatizing” my role while driving in my car…yeah, embarrassing.

Yesterday, I started to feel “the crud”. Ugh. I don't get sick often, so imagine my dismay at the timing! Thankfully, I had Zicam on hand and I also found Vitamin C tablets so I started taking them. I am feeling better this morning (thank goodness), so hopefully that will continue to improve!

We have full stage dress rehearsal on Saturday followed by the production on Sunday morning….hope it all goes well (and I hope I don’t literally “break a leg”….)! :0)

In between all of that, I’m also planning on going for a run or two, possibly taking my puppies to see Santa, and helping Jason put lights ON the roof of our house (yikes…we’ll see how that goes)! Should be a fun one!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Good luck with your production. I am sure you will be awesome! Be careful with those lights and don't fall off the roof!


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