Monday, December 31, 2012

Old Navy Activewear Sample and Share

What a fun year this has been with Crowdtap and Old Navy!
I’ve had many great opportunities to participate in Sample and Shares - check out my prior Sample and Shares in the links below!

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Today, I come to you with yet another Sample and Share only this time – it’s for ACTIVEWEAR!
Who better to Sample and Share Activewear with than a running buddy?


After our usual Saturday morning run/post-run breakfast, Kelli and I began our Activewear quest at Old Navy!


We each received an Activewear top and bottom! One for me, one for her! Yay!

Before I talk about our experience on Saturday, I want to share my prior experience with Old Navy Activewear.  ’m a runner (obviously) and I’ve been running for about 3 years now. When I first began running and marathon training, I took to Old Navy for my Activewear clothing. Although my pieces of clothing have expanded over time, I still wear mostly Old Navy Activewear clothing when I run. I love their Sports Bras and shorts. On an everyday run, I usually have at least one piece of Old Navy Activewear on my body!

Ok – now on to the Sample and Share! :0)


We discussed our game plan ahead of time and decided that we both wanted a long sleeved top and tights. The selection for long sleeved tops in our Old Navy wasn’t that great, but then again, it’s Southwest Louisiana. Hello – it doesn’t get that cold very often!


Even though the selection wasn’t great, we each found a top that we fell in LOVE with! These are zippered jacket type tops. They are incredibly comfortable AND they have thumbholes! I’m always a stickler for a long sleeved top with thumbholes! :0)


We also each found a pair or tights/pants that we loved. Mine are grey capris and Kelli’s are long black tights. I ended up purchasing this dark purple top as well! Love it!


However, my favorite piece of the day was the light purple zip jacket. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to wear it!

Thank you Crowdtap and Old Navy for this awesome opportunity! Kelli says thank you as well! :0)
Do YOU want to partake in all the fun?


Join me on Crowdtap!!

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  1. You both look so cute in your new duds. Enjoy and hope to see you next week at WDW!


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