Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fathead-Larger Than Life, For Real

Please note: In exchange for this review, we received a Fathead of our choice through Canopi to display in our home. No further compensation was received; all opinions expressed are my own.
I’ve always been curious about Fathead, but never took the plunge to look into one…until now!

As a promotion through Canopi, Fathead recently gave 25 bloggers the chance to review their very own Fathead of choice, in a Larger Than Life, For Real campaign.

It’s no secret that my husband is an LSU fan - he even has his own game room dedicated to LSU (we call it his man cave). A few years ago, I painted every room in our home – except his game room. We attempted to find wall colors that matched his room décor but were unsuccessful. What better object to use on the open wall of his room than a larger than life Fathead?


The Fathead arrived in a triangle shaped box and was wrapped tight. Along with the Fathead itself, we also received a utensil to help apply the Fathead to the wall. The borders of the picture also included several smaller LSU emblems/logos which was a nice touch!


After carefully reading the instructions (which said to allow the Fathead to lie flat on the ground for several hours prior to application), we removed the photo and attempted to hang it on the wall. Notice I said “attempted”.


Despite a few mishaps…yeah, THAT happened….


…with just a little bit of teamwork, we were able to apply the eye of the tiger to the wall without any problems!  The Fathead image actually peeled apart without much effort. We also didn’t have it straight at first so we had to reposition it a few times – and still, our Fathead stuck like a charm! 


We smoothed out the photo…


Then posed for a picture with our beautiful new Fathead!

In all, the application process took about 30 minutes or so, plus time for the Fathead to lay flat for several hours.


That’s one happy LSU fan! :0)


He also applied the extra stickers to his door/wall of his game room!

Check out this collage of other bloggers who were a part of this campaign and their Fathead’s of choice. I love the portrait ones! Who knew Fathead created more than just sports emblems? I didn’t until now. Some of the photos to choose from are absolutely beautiful! You can even upload and order your OWN photo of choice…the possibilities are endless! As a runner, I can envision so many different ways to utilize Fathead on my “medal wall”. I’m definitely going to look into another Fathead in the near future!


I’d say overall, our Fathead of choice was a huge success! We’ve received a ton of compliments and everyone absolutely loves it!

Have you used Fathead as a décor option in your home? What photo/emblem did you choose?


  1. omg I can't let bobby see the star wars one! I didn't know you could do your own photos, that's a neat idea!

    1. I agree about using your own phots! Really neat!! Haha you have a nice large wall in your game room...Star Wars would look great!

  2. Great job at earning brownie points. Maybe a few extra treats at the DL Expo next month? That Fathead choice looks great in your husband's "man cave"!

    1. Oh yes, Expo shopping is definitely in store! Thanks, Pam! :0)

  3. He looks so happy with that fathead!!! My best friend had two in college...pretty neat idea :)

    1. He loves anything and everything LSU! Thanks! :0)

  4. That is awesome! I LOVE it! The Eye of the Tiger looks so good there! Geaux Tigers!

  5. That's awesome! I'd have to have a different tiger on my Auburn tiger!!! ;-)

  6. Interesting, I had no idea you could use your own photos. I'm with Mindy about having a different tiger on my wall!

  7. I have a Fathead of MSU's Sparty in my basement. Its the first thing you see when you walk down the stairs :) I totally appreciate the college football love!


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