Friday, September 13, 2013

2013 Disneyland Half Marathon Vlog

Technical difficulties (aka I still have no clue what happened) prevented me from posting this video yesterday, so in lieu of a Fitness Friday, I give you a vlog of the Disneyland Half Marathon!

Here’s a list of the previous recaps I’ve written from Half Marathon Weekend:

This video includes footage of the Disneyland Half Marathon only. It would have been too long to include footage from the rest of the day, so I’ll recap that part later. This was such a fun race, I had a great time running with Scott! Enjoy! :0)

You’ll see a clip of my lovely spill, too…just watch, it’s funny! :0)

Have you ever fallen while running a race? Were you able to finish?


  1. no i have NOT fallen while running a race, Karen. Only you do that haha

    1. Hey now! Not only me...remember the lady that fell during Princess and broke her collar bone? Not only me! :p

  2. Coast to Coast BABAAY!! Julie, the kids and I had so much fun on our first EVER trip to DL. Thanks for sharing this small part of it with us. Here's to Goofy 2015!

    1. Scott I had so much fun! Thanks for being such a fun disney buddy!!! Good times! :0)


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