Friday, October 11, 2013

Fitness Friday–10/11

Currently training for: Woman’s Half Marathon - December 8, Louisiana
Rock N Roll New Orleans Half Marathon – February 2, 2013, Louisiana

Saturday5 mile run followed by a 5K 
Sunday – Replanting flower beds, yardwork 
Monday – Replanting flower beds, yardwork 
Tuesday – Replanting flower beds, yardwork (finally finished)
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – 3 mile run
Friday – Surprise day off work – morning run

This past week, I spent a good majority of my weekday afternoons working on our flowerbeds. Our plants outgrew their space and needed to be moved. I don’t have any before pictures, but here’s a picture of some of the plants we took out…


I know this doesn’t look very pretty, but here’s one of the new beds we created in the backyard.


It was time for the plants to go and I’m excited they are now in a place where they can grow as much as they want! :0)

On Wednesday afternoon, I fell asleep outside on my lounge chair. I didn’t mean to fall asleep, but the weather was perfect and incredibly relaxing, so I took a 30 minute nap! Love days like that!


If you couldn’t tell from my travel blogs this week, I’m a huge fan of sunsets. Last night’s sunset was breathtaking, so I stopped for a picture! I love seeing the beauty of creation all around me when I’m out for a run!

This weekend’s plans include a girls night with my best running buds Heather and Kelli, followed by a 12 mile run on Saturday morning. We have so many fun things planned for our girls night, including 80’s movies (most of which I haven’t seen)! Yay! 

I also have two kids birthday parties this weekend…AND I have a surprise day off work today! Love it when that happens!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Tell me about your weekend plans!


  1. My weekend plans always involve work (petsitting) because people are headed out of town! 5 mile run on the schedule for this morning. LOVE your sunset shots, it's funny b/c I love sunRISES and I'm always taking pictures of them! :)

    1. Sounds like a great weekend! Have fun with the pets and with your run! The sunrise is gorgeous, too! :0)

  2. Your girls weekend sounds like so much fun! We are visiting Williamsburg this weekend and then stopping in Richmond on our way back home for some shopping. Poor Tom will have to deal with me going to Athleta and Lululemon. I hope they have a lounge area with TV's set to college football. LOL

    1. What a fun weekend, Pam! Hope you find lots of great deals. Love the idea of a lounge area with college football...would bring in more business on the weekends, I'm sure! Haha!

  3. Have a fun 12 mile run! I have that much coming up on Monday and a friend and I are running a new trail (to us) to check out all the fall colors

    1. Oooh that sounds beautiful! Hope you enjoy the trail! Love Fall! :0)

  4. Yay for a surprise day off of work!!! :-)

  5. That nap outside on the lounge sounds blissful! I love relaxing outdoors. I also love cheesy 80's movie! I'm curious to see which ones you choose! Weekend plans for me include photographing an event for work, attending a wedding, and hopefully getting a run in on Sunday! Have fun with your plans Karen!

  6. Your spontaneous afternoon nap sounds divine. Enjoy your girls night and morning run!


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