Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thirty-One Personalized Giveaway

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a bag lover.

I have a closet full of tote bags and I haven’t used half of them (it’s a rather crazy obsession if you ask me). When I first heard about Thirty-One and their product several years ago, I was intrigued. Tote bags, purses, and lunch bags…oh my! 

What is Thirty-One, you might ask? 

Thirty-One specializes in monogrammed handbags, totes, lunch bags and other carryall products. Whether you're looking for style, organization, the perfect giftable item - or a little bit of everything – Thirty-One has it!

I am having a Thirty-One Party and you all are invited! Don’t run away just yet…my awesome consultant, Daniella is offering a giveaway of 1 Cinch Sac – winner’s choice of personalization! The best part, no purchase is necessary!  Thirty-One’s Cinch Sac is the perfect size to use as a race bag, vacation carry-on, a child’s tote bag…anything you can dream or imagine! 

Disney and Thirty-One are the perfect match! From park bags to travel bags to race day bags, there is something for the whole family.


Thirty-One offers so many personalization options, from fun colors and patterns….the possibilities are endless! Daniella put together a list of Disney themed ideas to pair along with a Thirty-One bag and she was so nice to share her list with us!

I already have several Thirty-One pieces (that I use on a regular basis), but after seeing Daniella’s awesome ideas, I might have to add to my collection!


Disney Races Dopey
WDW 48.6
(purple bag, white Icon-it Stars, lime Green letters)

WDW 39.3

(Orange cinch sac, lime green Icon-it Stars, Black letters)

WDW 26.2
(Black cinch sac, Red Icon-it Stars, golden yellow letters)

WDW 13.
(Royal Blue cinch sac, Golden Yellow Icon-it Stars, white letters)

(Red cinch sac, White Icon-it Blossom, Golden yellow letters)

Fun Run

(Red cinch sac, Yellow Icon-It Stars, Black letters)

W & D
WDW 13.1
(Spirit grey cinch sac Platinum Icon-it stars, maroon letters)

WDW 13.1

(Purple Cinch Sac, platinum Icon-It Tiara, Powder Pink letters)
Disney Theme Personalization Love The Mouse

I’m All Ears

Goofin Around

WDW Girl

I Love Mickey

When You wish…

Wish Upon A Star (my favorite!)

Boo To You

Princess In Training

Believe In Magic

Thirty-One makes the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones, too! Now is the time to begin shopping…Christmas is right around the corner!

My two favorite Thirty-One pieces I own and use on a regular basis are:

Cindy Organizer

The Cindy Tote which I use as a laptop bag, and the Organizing Utility Tote which I use as a carry-all for the classes I teach at church

Interested in seeing the Thirty-One Fall catalog in PDF format? Click here to check it out! There are SO many cute items in the Fall catalog, I don’t know how I’m going to decide!  Can I have one of each, please? :0)

See something you like? Place your order online using the link below from October 3rd -11th:
Karen's Thirty-One Party

october-special-flier 1

Also, join my party Facebook page to find out the latest specials and deals available. For the month of October, you will receive 50% off select travel items with every $35 of product you purchase! Can we say Racecation travel?!

To enter the giveaway for one personalized Cinch Sack, enter following rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I LOVE Thirty-One! I have tons of their bags and a lunchbox! My favorite bag is the utility tote. I use it for everything!!!

  2. awwww. love the "When You wish… " Disney Theme personalization!!

  3. I love Thirty-One and own several pieces. Great idea for races.

  4. Thirty One Bags are the best. I love the Large Utility Tote for all of my biking gear.

  5. I was like you and I use to love bags of all kinds, but at one point I had to say enough is enough, I don't need so many! They are pretty and very tempting though!

  6. Oh, nice! I've never heard of them before but those bags look cute. No Tinker Bell, though? ;)

  7. I love the race bag ideas and thought Karen's blog was the perfect place to show everyone what you can do with Thirty-One bags! Lets help Karen earn her FREE Hostess rewards! You can order online, doesn't matter where you live! Good luck to everyone! If anyone wants to host their own Thirty-One catalog/facebook or online party you can email me: or just visit my website:

  8. I love Thirty One bags. I actually just received an order today and I love the pink bag they are delivered in. :-)

  9. I love Thirty-One Bags! I would love a lunch box. That would be so nice!

  10. I have a Thirty One lunch bag. It's insulated, just the right size, and I carry it every day of the work week. I love it!

  11. I know someone else who is addicted to bags. In fact, she got one yesterday for her birthday!

  12. I'm a bag lover too. My husband always say " You bought ANOTHER bag!" They don't get the need for multiple bags for multiple things!

  13. My co-worker sells Thirty One bags, and they are amazing! Right now I only own the small utility tote, but love several of their items!

  14. I have a Thirty One Organizing Shoulder Bag that I've had for a few years now and would love to have some more of their products!

  15. I had never heard of Thirty One bags, they seem great!

  16. My cousin has a couple and loves them!

    {Side note - I can't access the Facebook event? Anyone else having trouble?)

    1. Just fixed it! Thanks for the heads up! :0)

    2. I am still having trouble accessing it. The link keeps bringing me to the generic event page on FB. Can you post the event to your blog Facebook page?

    3. Hey should be open now. I finally realized the hostess set the privacy settings to Friends of Friends instead of public. Let me know if you still have trouble. Thanks again for letting me know!

  17. Yes! And I have several of their products. I love the retro metro totes and the utility totes!

  18. I sure have! I have and love so many items. I would love to try the retro metro fold over next!

  19. I use the Cindy tote for my laptop bag and I use a Retro Metro tote with "I Love Mickey" for my travel bag.

  20. I don't have any Thirty-One products, yet. :)

  21. I love Thirty-One products! I have a super cute lunchbox that is monogrammed :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  22. Love Thirty-One products! My faves are the utility totes, use them all the time while transporting the kids to events (daycare, soccer, swimming, etc).

  23. So many cute things would make great Christmas presents too

  24. I have one large 31 bag. So many things to choose from. Great Christmas ideas too

  25. So many cute things would make great Christmas presents too

  26. I really enjoy 31 products. I have a wallet, best wallet I've ever owned, a makeup bag, and a basket for my daughter. I think they're pieces are practical and adorable! :)

  27. I've heard of Thirty-One products but I've not purchased any. These bags are adorable though!

  28. I've never heard of Thirty-One but they look like great products.

  29. I have the small makeup case with the snails all over it. So cute! I want to add to my collection soon - some great pieces are available!


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