Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Dallas Thanksgiving

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my husband and I spent time with family in Dallas, Texas. 

  • We ran a Turkey Trot
  • We had Thanksgiving Dinner
  • We visited the Grassy Knoll where the JFK tragedy took place
  • We Black Friday shopped

I can’t wait to visit again!


My aunt created these cute place cute place settings for everyone. I loved this idea!



We had plenty of food, and enough for leftovers!


Dessert was in abundance too, of course!


On Friday, my brother asked to visit the Sixth Floor Museum. I was in high school the last time we were there, but I remember it all very well. Unfortunately, we arrived at noon and the line for the tour was really long – our tour tickets would have been for 5 p.m.


Instead of waiting for the museum tour, my uncle showed us around and gave us the History Channel version of the tour (outside).


The street President Kennedy drove during the tragedy.


Flowers were left at the memorial, as the 50th Anniversary of the tragedy took place a week prior.


X marks the spot. The window where the shots were reported is all the way to the right of the building, second window from the top. It was interesting to see the X at this angle…


I joined the “crazy” crowd as one who had to get a foot picture before we left. Tourists would wait until the traffic stopped at a red light, then they would walk into the street for a picture with the X. Some had reaaaaaally close calls with vehicles. I played it safe and snapped a picture as quick as possible – I didn’t linger.

Being at the JFK memorial was very humbling and I’m grateful for the privilege to see such a rich part of history. 

Last but not least….from my family to yours….



We hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving holiday!  (Did you know a foam roller could double as a unicorn? I didn’t either….)

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving?


  1. What a fun Thanksgiving weekend! And even a history lesson! Love it! So interesting that there's an actual X there!

    1. Yeah it's been paved over many times so it's not the "actual" X, but locals maintain it which I think is pretty cool!!

  2. Great family picture! Your Thanksgiving spread looks amazing! We visited Dallas a few years back and visiting the 6th floor museum was definitely a highlight of the trip. We did the audio tour! If you have never been, you should do the South Fork tour from the TV series Dallas! After that, I totally became a fan of that old time classic show!

    1. We did the audio tour several years back and I remember it well! How cool about the South Fork tour! Didn't know it existed...may have to catch that one next time! Thanks!!

  3. What beautiful place setting and decorations for Thanksgiving!!!

    It would be sweet to walk through that area - although I think it would really cause me to pause and think. Visiting places where people have died always cause me to pause for a moment.

    1. Thanks, Sarah. You are right, it was neat to see a part of history but also made me stop and think for a minute...

  4. On all of the coverage this year of the anniversary, I heard that the "x" was not official. It was just painted by some random person, but people get upset if/when they work on the streets and pave it over.

    1. You're right it's not official, but I still think it's neat people keep it up....although I'm sure it makes drivers mad cause there's always someone in the road! Haha!!

  5. Looks like y'all had a great Thanksgiving!!!

  6. OMG I inlove with the autumn decor! I love those autumn leaves! So pretty! :)
    Glad you had an amazing Thanksgiving! :)

    1. Thanks! I think she did a good job with her decorations, too!

  7. Looks like a great Thanksgiving! cool to get to see the place where JFK was assassinated, and sad too.

    1. Yes, very sad...but neat to see a part of history!


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