Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dockers Game Day Khakis

Disclaimer: I took part in this promotion through Canopi. I received a pair of Dockers Game Day Khakis for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Looking for the perfect gift for the football fan in your life?

I don’t know about you, but the men in my life are difficult to buy gifts for. I try to put a little bit of thought into the gifts I give, and I like to give gifts that have meaning to the person I’m giving them to.

When I received the opportunity to partner with Dockers and their Game Day Khakis through Canopi, I was thrilled. My husband is a huge football fan and loves to cheer for Louisiana State University, so I knew exactly which team I would choose.

Dockers Game Day Khakis 5

On a silly impulse, I decided to wrap the Dockers and give them to my husband as a surprise (he didn’t know about this ahead of time).

Dockers Game Day Khakis 6

Well, it IS Christmas, after all…what can I say?

Dockers Game Day Khakis 7

My husband’s reaction to the Dockers was priceless! “Where did you get these?” “Oh my gosh how cool!”

I spilled the beans and confessed that these were not my original idea – he was still impressed anyway. Thank you, Dockers…you definitely made my husband’s night!

Dockers Game Day Khakis

We both loved how the school letters were sewn above the right back pocket – a nice way to show support without being overbearing.

Dockers Game Day Khakis 3

The inside of the LSU waistband carries the phrase “Geaux Tigers”, the Aggies waistband of these pants says, “Gig ‘em Aggies”, the Georgia waistband says “Go Dawgs”…you get the idea.

Dockers Game Day Khakis 4

Dockers Game Day Khakis were definitely a huge hit with my husband. He received the Classic Fit, D3 and loved the way they fit. As a matter of fact, here’s Jason’s scoop on Dockers Game Day Khakis:

  • These pants are very comfortable and are a relaxed fit
  • Good quality
  • Not too heavy, not too lightweight
  • Did I mention comfortable?
  • I like supporting my team, this is a neat idea

Check out the Dockers website for additional information on these Game Day Khakis. Currently, if you sign up with an email through the Dockers website, you’ll receive an email/code for 20% off your order and free shipping! Also, all of Dockers Game Day Khakis are currently on sale. Hurry! There’s still time to order them before Christmas for the football fan in your life!

Any thoughts on these khakis? Would you purchase them for the football fan in your life?


  1. Those are really fun pants. If my Dad was still around he would love a pair to support his team! That was a very nice surprise for Jason!

    1. I bet he would have loved them! Which team did he follow?

  2. These are pretty cool! (And I like your UGA mention) ;)

  3. That's actually really cool. I too have trouble buying gifts for guys. My dad is a Texas A and M alumni, so I think the Aggies ones would be great for him. Thanks for the idea and the 20 percent off!

  4. My husband doesn't wear anything but Wranglers and Carhartts. Great review though!

  5. Those are funny, didn't know they existed. I'll have to check them out and see if they'd have them with Michigan State for my dad :)


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