Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2014 Relay for Life National Summit

This past weekend, Relay for Life Leadership from all over the nation came together in Dallas, Texas for a time of training and networking, with a little fun thrown in between!

National Relay for Life Summit (2)

What is Relay for Life, you might ask? Well, it’s not a race…nor a 5K…it’s an overnight event that was created to fight cancer. The idea behind Relay for Life began with the concept, “cancer never sleeps”. During a cancer journey, patients can’t escape the side effects and symptoms that their cancer brings to them – so for one night each year, teams all over the world gather together to relay. During each event, relayers celebrate survivors, remember those who have been lost to this disease, and fight back for future generations. Most Relay for Life events are held at a track and each team takes turns walking the track – the “relay” side is that each team should have one person walking the track throughout the entire event. Our hope is that we can finish the fight and end this terrible disease.

Ok…back to the conference! :)

The 2015 Summit was held at the Hilton Anatole in downtown Dallas.

National Relay for Life Summit (8)

This was a gorgeous hotel and I loved the lobby, complete with infinity pools!

Relay for Life National Summit (10)

The lobby was very pretty at night, too!

We arrived at Summit a little later than expected, so we headed straight for the conference and checked into our room a few hours later.

National Relay for Life Summit

Throughout the Summit, we heard from inspiring speakers, survivors, and Relay for Life Hall of Famers – many tears were shed over the course of the weekend! Dr. Gordy Klatt, the founder of Relay for Life passed away in August from complications related to gastric cancer. We spent several moments over the weekend remembering his life and honoring the legacy he left behind.

Relay for Life National Summit (12)

On Friday and Saturday, we also broke into workshops where we shared and discussed ideas among each other. Networking was one of my favorite parts of Summit – I loved gaining fresh and new ideas from other top teams in the nation!

National Relay for Life Summit (6)Relay for Life National Summit (3)

On Friday night, we participated in the Live broadcast of the Relay for Life 2015 Kick-off party – floor director and all!

Relay for Life National Summit (4)

After the broadcast, the party began! (An 80’s party, that is!)

Relay for Life National Summit (5)

Before long, Pac-Man Ghosts were running all over the room! No, really…those ghosts were the ACS Mid-South Division representatives! :) Aren’t we cute?

National Relay for Life Summit (3)

I loved the big hair, bright colors, and glow sticks…I even saw a Conga line break out!

Relay for Life National Summit (8)

On Saturday morning, I woke up early and made my way to the outdoor track for a quick 2 mile run.

National Relay for Life Summit (4)

I’ve never seen a “real” outdoor track at a hotel, and I loved it!

National Relay for Life Summit (5)

I also repped my ACS DetermiNation shirt during my run! :)

Relay for Life National Summit (13)

We celebrated Relay for Life’s 30th Birthday all weekend!

Relay for Life National Summit (15)

I had a fantastic time and enjoyed spending the weekend with good friends! I also really enjoyed Summit and hope to bring new ideas and ways to enhance our current Relay for Life event!

National Relay for Life Summit (9)

My name is Karen, I’m an Oncology Nurse, I’ve been relaying since 2007, and I’m proud to say that Relay is 30 years strong! Happy birthday, Relay for Life!

What’s the most exciting/favorite place you’ve ever visited for a conference?


  1. What a fun conference! I love that you still got your run in! I've never seen an outdoor track at a hotel either...so awesome! And the Pac-Man outfits are adorable!!!

  2. I love how involved you are with Relay for life. I bet that was an emotional weekend for sure! That hotel and outdoor track looks amazing! The best place I ever visited for a conference was also Dallas!

    1. It definitely was, but we had a great time! Dallas is a great city! :)

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! Love the costumes

  4. What an amazing event! I am glad you had a great time :0) I love those pics of y'all dressed up from the 80's!

    Side note: That is pretty awesome the hotel had an actual track outside!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I was super excited to discover that fact! :D

  5. What a great conference and congrats on being part of Relay for Life for 8 years. That is fabulous Karen. I love the Pacman costumes.....I remember when that game became popular and Tom especially loved playing Pacman more than any other Atari games.

    1. Thanks, Pam! PacMan is a super fun game to play!! I remember playing it all the time as a kid on my dad's Atari system!


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