Friday, September 12, 2014

Fitness Friday - 9/12

Hi guys, happy Friday! We are in the 50ish day range for Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend and I can’t wait!

Training is going really well and my knees haven’t been giving me any trouble, just a little achy when I finish a long run (but not IT Band achy). I am pretty sure my lack of IT Band problems are related to my rumble roller. I hate to love it, but I do (cause it hurts so good). It’s been a race saver for me!


Currently training for:
Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon
Louisiana Half Marathon
Rock ‘n’ Roll NOLA Half Marathon
Glass Slipper Challenge

8 mile super humid run with a friend
Sunday – Rest Day 
Monday –  I didn’t feel like doing a thing, so I didn’t. Unplanned rest day. I actually went to sleep early and had a full night’s rest….must have needed it!
Tuesday –  Cross training routine from Pinterest 
Wednesday – 3 mile dreadmill run 
Thursday – 2 miles with Jason 
Friday – Run after work (hoping for 3 or 4 miles, we’ll see)

Here’s a few glimpses of my week:

Fitness Friday

After Saturday’s run, I began the attempt of taming this crazy jungle.

Fitness Friday (2)

It took a couple of hours, but I did it! Mexican Heather is insane and makes me cray cray. I trimmed all of the Mexican Heather back and I pulled the crazy weeds. I felt so much better after it was all complete!

Fitness Friday (4)

These guys came out of hiding this weekend and now my house is all ready for Fall! YAY! This is my 2nd favorite season apart from Christmas. I think I love it so much because the promise of cooler weather is in the air! :)

Fitness Friday (5)

My puppies were groomed this week – and they NEEDED it, bad. They are all decked out in their LSU garb! Geaux Tigers!

Fitness Friday (3)

Last but not least, this shipment arrived over the weekend and I couldn’t have been more excited! Hello Keurig! More about this guy on the blog next week! :)

How was your week? How’s your training going?


  1. Great job this week Karen! I'll be getting all my fall decorations out in the next this time of year! And yay for your Keurig! I LOVE mine!

  2. Love the pups in their LSU swag! Geaux Tigers!

    I looooooooove my Keurig. Best invention ever!

    I'm digging out my Fall stuff this weekend too! Looking forward to decorating even though it's still hot as Hades here.

    1. I couldn't agree more, the Keurig was a wonderful invention! Yay Fall...I know what you mean about the heat, although we enjoyed that little break last weekend.

  3. haha I love that the flower bearing my name makes you crazy :)
    The yard looks great!

    1. Hahaha It takes over the entire flowerbed...aaah! Thanks so much! :)

  4. Can't wait to see all your fall decorations. I got rid of mine a few moves ago! Your pups look adorable after their treatments!

    1. Thanks so much, they feel better too - especially when it's so hot outside!

  5. Your pups look adorable!!

    I can't believe we are less than 2 months away from Wine & Dine...I am stoked! :0)

    Great job this week in training!

    1. Me either! Crazy to think it'll be here in no time!!


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