Thursday, September 18, 2014

Upcoming Races, More Bling!

Yesterday, I registered for two upcoming races – a local 10K and a Half Marathon.

I’m really excited about the Cowboy Gallop 10K because our area hasn’t held a 10K in several years (2009 to be exact). 

McNeese 10K

Registered runners for this 10K will receive long sleeved shirts…what! Love it! Also, this 10K finishes at the 50 yard line of our local college’s football stadium. My entire family and I (including my husband) received our degrees at this college, so this race holds a special place in my heart. :)
My running buddy Heather and I are both registered and excited to run! Can’t wait!

The Half Marathon that I registered for is the Louisiana Half Marathon in Baton Rouge, LA.

Louisiana Half Marathon

I ran this race in 2013 with my friend Kelli (and it was the weekend after Goofy at that)!

Louisiana Half Marathon (2)

I absolutely loved everything about this race – the Expo was super cute and we were pleasantly surprised, the course was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and my knee never bothered me at all (I was dealing with IT Band stuff at the time).

Louisiana Half Marathon (3)

My sister-in-law (Kayla) and I will be running this race in 2015!

An added perk for 2015 is a partnership between the Louisiana Marathon and Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans. For running both races (two weekends in a row) and in addition to each races respective medals, runners will receive the Louisiana Double Down Medal! That’s two races, three medals!

Louisiana Double Down

Aren’t they beautiful? I love the Fleur de Lis!

Louisiana Double Down (2)

Registration is available for both races, so you still have a shot at earning this beautiful additional medal. Don’t hesitate, sign up today – prices for the Louisiana Marathon/Half will increase in October!
Have you/are you planning on running any special Rock ‘n’ Roll partnership races for an extra medal? I want to hear about your experience!


  1. I want to run the Louisiana Half so bad! I love this challenge! I'm already running Rock 'n' Roll Nola!

    1. The LA Half is a great race! Hope to see you at NOLA's almost like a tradition! Haha!

  2. I have the rock encore and trple crown for running 2 and 3 rnr races in one year but that was all before they started with these double races. I would love to do it but that's a lot of driving 2 weeks in a row on a new mom and baby haha

    1. I have the Rock Encore medal as well! Love how RnR gives extra medals for doing more than one of their races! :) I completely understand...see you in NOLA!

  3. As you know, we ran the RnR VA beach last month and Lacey is doing RnR Philly this weekend so she will be earning the Beach to Bell medal! We are both doing the remix challenge in Vegas, so we will be earning 3 medals there too! That is super cool that you all graduated from the same university.

  4. That's a great group of medals Karen. You will have fun especially doing the 10k that ends at the football stadium

  5. Love those medals! Congrats on registering for the races :0) I always get super excited when I sign up for a new race!

    1. Same's definitely motivation to keep working hard!


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