Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Disney Cruise Line Adventures Part 3

Ahoy, there!

Ok that’s cheesy. Well…welcome to the final recap of our February Princess Half Marathon Weekend Disney Cruise Line Adventures!

If you’ve missed other parts, check them out here:

Our final day on board the Disney Magic was an at sea day. I love at sea days and enjoy relaxing, reading a book, spending time out on deck, etc.

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (2)

We woke up to a gorgeous sunrise, our final one at sea.

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic

It’s funny to me how our ship basically turned circles in the ocean!

Our morning began with brunch in Lumiere’s. At dinner the evening before, our waiters recommended it, but also recommended that we arrive early. We took their advice and did both, and only waited about 10 minutes for a table. Lo and behold, our dining rotation waiters were also our waiters for brunch. I love that about Disney Cruise Line – the staff (wait staff included) really makes you feel like a part of their family. It was a great experience!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (3)

After brunch, we took my parents on a walk to explore the ship!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (4)

We got as close as possible to the front of the ship – that wind is STRONG!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (5)

We also took a walk around the walking deck to show them the inside of the working parts of the ship! Pretty nifty!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (6)

After returning to our room, we discovered our final day instructions…whomp whomp. The packing process began not long after.

During the afternoon, we also watched Frozen in the Walt Disney Theater.

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (7)

Dinner for our final evening was in Carioca's – our first time to eat in this restaurants since the reDISign. :) The flavors were super tasty!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (8)Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (9)

Our wait staff even made ears for our head – I was Jasmine and Jason was Goofy!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (10)

Dessert included ice cream…what’s a vacation without a little ice cream? :)

After dinner, we put our luggage outside of our room (as instructed), then went over to the lobby for a final farewell from our friends.

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (14)

The characters come out to say goodbye, then dispense throughout the atriums and on the upper levels for photos. (It’s about a 15 minute time frame.)

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (11)

Daisy and Captain Hook were on our level with NO line, so I stopped by to say hello…and goodbye!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (12)

Stitch made all of us laugh - he saw a kid’s stitch toy and took off running with it!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (13)

Finally, everyone gathered around again to say goodnight and sing a farewell song – “Now it’s time….to say goodbye…to all our company….” I’m sure you know the rest. ;)

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (15)

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (16)

We woke up the following morning, had a quick bite to eat, then caught our bus to the airport.

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (17)

I booked a late evening flight (only one they had available at the time), so I knew a long day was ahead of us.

Much to my surprise, our friend Randy called as we were making our way to the airport. He was off work that day and wanted to spend some time with us. Guess where he took us?

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (18)

Yep, Downtown Disney and my favorite, Earl of Sandwich for lunch! His wife Melissa also came and met us on her lunch break! We had such a great time!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (19)

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (20)

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (21)

We also had time to shop around and enjoy a few final hours with our friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to a more perfect trip!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic (22)

Princess Half Marathon 52Castaway Cay 5K 11

After having completed my own version of an unofficial Castaway Cay Challenge (cause it didn’t exist at the time), I’m looking forward to repeating the whole thing again in February (and receiving a medal for it this time around)! Running a weekend of races followed by a relaxing cruise was a great way to spend a vacation! If you’re already registered for princess (cause those races are full) and interested in this challenge, check out rundisney.com for more information – the Castaway Cay Challenge is still available! 

Well, that’s all folks!

Another Disney trip is on the horizon (Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend) so stay tuned! I’ve enjoyed reliving our time on board the Disney Magic and I hope you’ve enjoyed coming along! See ya real soon! :)

Any Castaway Cay Challenge takers (for Marathon Weekend or Princess)?


  1. Mmm that ice cream sounds so yummy :0) And I like how you put the reDISign! Have you been on multiple Disney Cruise Ships? Which one has been your fave so far if so?

    1. I've only been on the wonder and the magic. We are sailing on the dream in February for the first time! :)

  2. That's so cool that you got to take a tour of the inner workings of the ship. When I was on the Wonder back in February, they had a walking tour, but it was mostly a tour of the artwork of the ship, and they said that there would be no behind the scenes touring. Whomp whomp.
    Aren't Disney cruises absolutely magical, though? Love them!

    1. Next time you go, take a walk on the jogging deck - it's not a tour, per say...but anyone can see that part of the ship! I also did the artwork walking tour and really enjoyed it! They give a lot of neat information about the way the ship was designed!

  3. I love that the characters are out and about on the ship. I always look forward to relaxing with a book on sea days but then that never happens. There is always too much excitement going on!

    1. Same here! so much to see and do - that's another favorite part of DCL for me, I'm never bored!

  4. I would love to go on a cruise, looks so fun!

  5. I hate the welcome to port Canaveral letter! Boo!
    PS: The restaurant on the last night you ate at is Carioca's :)

    1. That's funny - I even googled it to make sure. I see now that it was the wrong "C" restaurant! Thanks, I fixed it! :)


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