Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015 Louisiana Marathon & Half After Party

Continuing on with my Louisiana Marathon/Half Recaps, here’s a look at the super fun and incredibly TASTY after party!

If you’ve missed any recaps so far, here they are:

As soon as  I crossed the finish line and regained my ability to walk upright again without feeling like I was going to fall over, I began to feel really cold. Remember, I was sick on top of everything else and definitely didn’t want to make anything worse. When my mom found me, I remarked that either I wouldn’t be able to stay at the post race party long, or I would have to find/purchase a jacket somewhere. I now see the benefit of checking a bag – which I’ve never done. I also didn’t think to give a jacket to my parents to bring to me after the race, either. Lesson learned.

Thankfully, my cold natured mom was well prepared and super bundled up, so she gave her jacket AND her gloves to me! Score! (It wasn’t really THAT cold outside, but I was freezing.)

Louisiana Marathon After Party (17)

After meeting up with Kayla, we began the short walk to the post-race party…but not before saying hello to the state capitol first!

Louisiana Marathon After Party (18)

It really was a beautiful day!

Louisiana Marathon After Party (16)

We also ran into my cousin who ran her 2nd half marathon that day! So proud of her!

Louisiana Marathon After Party (2)

Around the Finish Festival Stage were several vendors (a lot from the Expo), official race merchandise, and awesome bands! You could even get your medal engraved if you wanted to. We didn’t have time, otherwise I would have!

Louisiana Marathon After Party

For the after party, each race bib included a wristband. The wristband had six potential “punches” on it – which meant that each runner could obtain up to six items at the Food Village! Talk about a lot of goodies!

Louisiana Marathon After Party (19)Louisiana Marathon After Party (3)

Here I am with a delicious bowl of Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya. I loved how each of the food booths were southern traditional foods! There was even a vegan section, y’all! I also sampled the chicken with rice. Beverages counted as stamps, too…so I also got a powerade and a water.

We hung around for a little while, used as many punches as we could (we were getting full really fast), then we said goodbye!

Louisiana Marathon After Party (4)

On our way out, I spotted this lady! I was so excited to see Nicole!! We ran Rock N Roll New Orleans together last year and I haven’t seen her since! So excited to see familiar faces at local races! :)

Louisiana Marathon After Party (13)

Back at our hotel, I took this picture of the bracelets I wore on my wrist for the race. Thoughts of both helped keep me going during this race! <3

Louisiana Marathon After Party (14)

After a yummy lunch at Walk-Ons (yes, we wore our medals inside), we stopped to say hello to Mike the Tiger and LSU Stadium (aka Death Valley).

Louisiana Marathon After Party (6)Louisiana Marathon After Party (5)

He was soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful day!

Louisiana Marathon After Party (7)

There’s no better feeling than the accomplishment of a long-term goal!

Louisiana Marathon After Party (8)

Kayla actually jumped up on Mike’s back for a picture. My legs were so stiff, there was no way! Hah!

Louisiana Marathon After Party (10)

Mike likes the taste of victory!  :p

The rest of the day was uneventful! We drove home, I washed clothes, then got ready for work on Monday morning!

That medal didn’t leave my side for a long time. It even stayed in my work scrub pockets for several days! :D

Thanks for a great overall event, Louisiana Marathon! You guys sure know how to put on a great race and a fun party! I can’t wait to return next year!

Do you typically stick around for post-race after parties?


  1. How fun! I love the punch idea for the after party!!!

  2. I love when races have post race celebrations. It really makes it seem more like an "event" rather then just racing and going home! Wow, I had no idea they caged a real tiger at LSU stadium! -M

    1. Me too! I feel the same way! Mike the Tiger lives in a multi-million dollar habitat...he's so well taken care of!

  3. I love that idea of the punches for the different food items!

    1. Yes!! It was so easy and fun to use! :) Love this after party!


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