Friday, January 16, 2015

Fitness Friday–1/16

Allow me to be Debbie Downer for a moment….

Well, this week has taken quite an unexpected turn. Instead of doing a few taper runs for the Louisiana Half this weekend, I spent most of it on the couch because I came down with this nasty, disgusting, sore throat and sinus pressure crud. I sound like I’m talking with my fingers pinching my nose shut right now.

I HATE being sick. Nurses make the worst patients – thankfully, Jason has been super attentive in taking care of me and getting everything I’ve needed. <3 He’s the best!

Here’s how my “tapering” went this week…(if that’s what you want to call it!) Hah!


Currently training for:
Louisiana Half Marathon (THIS WEEKEND!)
Rock ‘n’ Roll NOLA Half Marathon
Glass Slipper Challenge

Saturday –  6 mile run followed by race volunteering
Sunday – Rest Day – squats/lunges routine (3 sets of 10 each); foam rolled
Monday –  2 mile run; foam rolled
Tuesday –  Hit by the crud bug – no run – squats/lunges routine (3 sets of 10 each); foam rolled
Wednesday – Felt worse this day – no run – made myself do squats/lunges (5 sets of 10 each); foam rolled
Thursday – Could hardly breathe – went home and straight to bed – no run – again, made myself do squats/lunges (3 sets of 10 each); foam rolled
Friday – Another rest day…whomp whomp.

Here’s my dilemma. The half marathon is Sunday and I have a goal I’m trying to reach. This nasty crud set me WAY back and  I’m really nervous about the race. I’m also worried that this crud is going to settle into my chest…so yeah, I’m 100% sure I’m going to Urgent Care after work today.

I was thinking that if I felt a bit better, I would go for a slow and easy 2 mile run today, but that is 100% not happening. I don’t want a run to do more harm than good at this point, but I also haven’t run since Monday and I’m kinda freaking out about that. Anyone else ever “tapered” and just done nothing the entire week?

I realize that races come and races go and this isn’t the end of the world…but it just stinks when life throws you a curve ball and interferes with your well laid plans. Guess that truly is LIFE, huh? :)

Thanks for the positive comments on my fb yesterday! :) You guys are the best! <3

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll hopefully have good news to share on Sunday…if not, I’ll get it next time! :D


  1. Take care of yourself girl! Definitely go to Urgent Care today. As far as the race goes...if you feel better then go for it but take it easy. Don't try to PR. I think the no running this week won't hurt you. Our bodies are so used to this running thing that a few days off won't matter much. Feel better girl!

    1. You are so right about that, our bodies are so used to running just a few days off doesn't hurt much! Thanks Mindy!

  2. UGGGG being sick is rotten!!!
    Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  3. Oh no! I hope you are well soon! Even if you can't run the race, would you be able to walk it? ( I know that's not ideal but I guess it's better than missing it all together). You take care of you!

    1. See, that's where I'm stubborn. If I registered for the race I'm going to complete it, even if I'm running 102 fever! lol Thanks girl!

  4. Please take care of yourself! Get better fast!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer I am feeling a bit better! :)

  5. Oh no! I was gearing up for a race in August, and about three weeks before, started having severe chest pains and heart palpitations. I stopped running completely, went to the doctor (then the ER for chest pain), and once we figured out what was causing everything (nothing serious), it was time to leave for the race. Not one to DNS, I decided to go for fun (it was a RunDisney could you not have fun!). And as for the race itself, I took it slow and steady, making sure to check in with myself every mile or so, walked when I needed to, and just enjoyed myself. Yeah, it was no PR, but after "tapering" for three weeks, I did better than expected.

    So, be careful, but as long as you think you can, GO FOR IT! Good luck!

    1. That's great advice, thank you so much! I am so glad you were able to complete the race and have a good time with it! And I'm glad you're feeling better.

  6. Bobby had that same crud last week starting last Sunday! Sore throat and headache/sinus. So I had TWO babies to take care of for three days haha! See you soon woo hoo!


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