Monday, January 19, 2015

The Louisiana Marathon & Half Expo

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all have a great start to your week!

Last night, I returned home for a very productive weekend at the Louisiana Half Marathon. Tomorrow, I’ll recap the race itself but today, let’s start with the Expo!

Let me tell you, from the first time I ran this race in 2013 to now, I’m AMAZED at how much this event has grown! I was impressed with 2013’s Expo but was even more with this year’s event! Major kudos to the Louisiana Marathon for continuing to expand and grow their event…I loved it all!

Ok…back to the weekend. It all started on Saturday morning. I woke up around 7 a.m. to finish a few odds and ends around the house. I realized I couldn’t find my ipad and I immediately panicked. I was 90% sure I didn’t leave it at work but then again…I might have. After tearing the house apart, I decided to drive to work (about 40 minutes round trip) and see if I left it there and guess what? I did. Whew. Crisis averted.

My parents met Kayla (my sister in law) and I at my house around 10 a.m. to begin our journey for Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The Louisiana Half Marathon Expo (12)

Excited for new race adventures ahead!

After lunch at Cracker Barrel, we made it to Baton Rouge with only a little hiccup in traffic. The Expo grew so much this year that it moved locations from the hotel to the nearby River Center.

The Louisiana Half Marathon Expo (10)The Louisiana Half Marathon Expo (2)The Louisiana Half Marathon Expo (3)

We followed the signage and found it without any problem!

The Louisiana Half Marathon Expo (13)

#GeauxRunLA was the official hashtag for the weekend and it was displayed everywhere!

The Louisiana Half Marathon Expo (5)

The entrance, not the actual expo itself. Smile I just liked the sign!

The Louisiana Half Marathon Expo (9)

We studied the course map for a while, then headed on into the Expo floor.

The Louisiana Half Marathon Expo (14)

After locating our bibs (we thought Kayla’s was lost and we all had a moment of panic), we took a few pictures in front of the backdrops!

The Louisiana Half Marathon Expo (15)The Louisiana Half Marathon Expo (6)

My parents were confused! Teehee!

The Louisiana Half Marathon Expo (7)

I finally got a coffee mug (yay!) in the official gear shop (they ran out during 2013’s event) and I was so excited!

The same company that makes Raw Threads shirts was also the company that made the Louisiana Marathon’s official gear merchandise (the stuff for extra purchase, not the official race shirts)! I thought that was pretty neat!

The Louisiana Half Marathon Expo (4)

Time to shop!

The Louisiana Half Marathon Expo (8)

Kayla and I both tested out an electric foam roller and oh my gosh it was incredible! It’s called the bff and was really impressive!!

We also stopped by the Sweaty Bands booth because we both had to add to our collection (of course)! The ladies at the Sweaty Bands booth were so excited to see our Raw Threads shirts, they snapped pictures of us and text them to the Raw Threads people (who were at the Star Wars Half in Disneyland)!

After hanging around the Expo for about two hours, we headed to our hotel for check in.

The Louisiana Half Marathon Expo (11)

My Expo loot. Stay tuned for a post on an amazing Expo find that pandora lovers will fall in love with!! :D

The Louisiana Half Marathon Expo

After a little deliberation, we finally decided on dinner at Whole Foods. All of the area restaurants had super long waits and Whole Foods had pizza, so Whole Foods won!

We also topped our dinner off with a little Frozen Yogurt (a pre-race ritual for me)! It was delicious, too!

The Louisiana Half Marathon Expo (16)

We returned to our hotel and I laid out all of my clothes for the race the next day, then said goodnight!

Thoughts of worry and doubt kept creeping in my head because of the sickness I was dealing with. To top off my Friday’s Urgent Care visit, steroid shot in one hip and antibiotic shot in the other, a stupid croupy cough set in on Saturday and I just knew it was going to hold me back.

However, I didn’t dismiss the idea of trying for my goal of a Sub 2 Half Marathon anyway. Y’all, this girl is stubborn. I determined to hang on as long as I could and if I had to drop off at the end, then oh well. Did I reach my goal? Stay tuned tomorrow to find out (or you can check out my instagram and facebook because you’ll find it there, too)! :D Even if you do, still come back tomorrow to read about my race experience! It’s definitely a race to remember! :)

Does your local hometown have a Half/Full Marathon event? Tell me about it, I want to hear! I love hearing about new (to me) races!


  1. Sounds like a great expo! I really want to do this race!!!

  2. Your Geaux 13.1 shirt came all the way from College Station - I saw those shirts in our running store, and I know the owner was heading out to the expo with them. Small world...cute shirt.

    1. That is too funny! It really is a small world! :) My sister in law bought one as well!

  3. I love love love hometown races. In Wilmington, we have lots of races including the Quintiles Marathon and Half Marathon in March. They have had great speakers including Dave McGilvray from the Boston Marathon, Frank Shorter etc. I will be volunteering this year and running the last 10-12 miles of the marathon with a girl from my running group. I can't believe you went sub 2 not feeling great. I look forward to reading the recap!

    1. That's great, Pam! I remember you running that marathon last year...didn't you qualify for Boston there? Love that they also include a speaker series! Awesome speakers, too!!

  4. Nothing beats Whole Foods for good food. I love their pizzas and I love that they have such a wide variety of choices for food.

    1. I could not agree more!! We had a great meal and felt well prepared for the race!

  5. I have two in my hometown. One is the OC Marathon and Half. Not my favorite logistically because they circle around the fairgrounds AND have people park at the fairgrounds, so getting out once you're finished is a mess. There's also the Surf City Half. Not technically in my town, but I'm just over the border so it's about a five mile bike ride to the start. I'm addicted to Whole Foods sushi. I haven't tried their pizza, though...hmm...

    1. Oooh that does sound like a mess! The Surf City Half sounds like fun! Whole Foods sushi is delicious!!!

  6. My husband and I did the half in 2014! We loved it! This is a great race, expo, and finish festival! We ate Whole Foods before the race, too! Glad to you enjoyed the expo!

    1. I couldn't agree more about everything!! It's all great! :D


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