Thursday, April 16, 2015

Three Things Thursday (Running Favorites Style)

#1: Running Warehouse

I know I’ve spoken of Running Warehouse in the past but I have to share again!

Several years back, I began one-upping my running shoes – if I opened a box, I purchased a back-up box to hold on to until it was needed.

In doing this, I discovered that each time a new model of a shoe was released, Running Warehouse put the old models on sale.

As the icing on the cake, they occasionally  hold a “Warehouse Sale” where most shoes are 50% off.

This weekend, I happened to check on my current running shoe (the Mizuno Wave Inspires) and I was in luck!

Mizuno Wave Inspires (1)

Several colors were available in my size of the Wave Inspire, so I narrowed it down to two choices.

Mizuno Wave Inspires (3)

I received BOTH pairs of shoes for less than I would have paid for one pair at regular price, AND I received free two day shipping through Running Warehouse (always included)!

If you haven’t checked out Running Warehouse yet, make sure you do! They carry a wide array of items such as clothing, accessories, nutrition, etc.

Their 50% off Warehouse Sale is still going on, too! Here’s a link to the Women’s sale and a link to the Men’s sale.

Stay up to date on Running Warehouse’s Sales and specials:

#2 Disney Pandora

I’ve been eyeing the Disney Pandora bracelets and charms for a while, specifically the Disney Parks Pandora bracelet. I wanted to begin a collection of Disney charms, but the bracelets flew off the shelves and online like hot cakes! 

For our recent Anniversary, my husband surprised me not only with the Disney Parks Pandora bracelet but also the runDisney charm!

Needless to say, I was in shock but so completely excited! I have worn this baby everywhere I’ve gone (except work)…hah!

Disney Pandora (1)Disney Pandora (2)

Love the runDisney charm!!

You can find Pandora charms and bracelets like the ones mentioned above throughout various Disney Parks, resorts, and Downtown Disney.

They are also available for purchase through the Disney Store online. You can find them here.


#3 Runners Feat

What’s that extra charm on my Pandora bracelet, you might ask? Well, in January at the Louisiana Half Marathon Expo, I came across a booth called Runners Feat. He specializes in all things races and jewelry!

After browsing the charms that were out for display, I began asking about other races and available charms. Prepared to go home and shop online, I tentatively asked about Disney events. Before I could even blink, a 39.3 Miles of Magic charm was placed in the palm of my hand.


Y’all. I know this man thought I was crazy. I wish my sister-in-law would have caught my reaction on camera because I know it was priceless.

The charm also includes a little castle which you can see in the photo below.

Disney Pandora (3)

At the time I didn’t even own a Disney Pandora bracelet, but I purchased this charm knowing I eventually would!

Here’s a view of all sides of the same charm:

Disney Pandora (4)

Check out his online store! He seriously carries charms for  a ton of races. If you don’t seem something there, email him and ask!

Also, you can find them on FB at Runners Feat.

What’s the best Expo find you’ve ever come across? Do you purchase running shoes online?

Please note: None of the above mentioned favorites were sponsored. I simply love all of these items and want to share the love with you, hoping you might find something you love, too!


  1. Please don't tempt me with ordering new Mizunos...

    1. ...but they're on sale, and a good sale too!! :p

  2. I really should buy a backup pair of Mizunos. I'm currently wearing the blue Wave Inspire 10s.

    1. You should! They are a great deal right now! :)

  3. I never have luck with Running Warehouse having my size but there are a couple of other websites that I order from to get the "old" model cheap. I bought a Pandora charm from Runners Feat at the Expo too. I got the La Marathon with with the little dangling 13.1.I knew there were a ton of Disney Pandora charms but I didn't know there was a specific Run DIsney one. I'll definitely add that to my bracelet after Wine & Dine!

    1. Yay! Wasn't Runners Feat awesome?! I loved that he was at the Expo!

  4. I have a chamila bracelet my boss bought me a couple years ago with the pumpkin carriage, and when we went to Disney in Feb i got two park exclusive charms. This was of course right before they released a bunch of new ones and the rD one! Need!

  5. I just bought a pair of those pink Mizunos! I'll be trying them out tonight and I can't wait! I got mine on for $50 and free shipping but we basically got them for the same price which is super cheap! Enjoy your new shoes :)

    1. I never even thought to check 6pm! Glad you got a good deal, too! Love the color of the pink ones! :)

  6. Runner's Warehouse does have amazing deals.

  7. I've been thinking of ordering another pair of Mizunos. I'm looking for the Enigmas. I have a camilla charm bracelet with some Disney charms but I don't have it all filled up and there for it is always lopsided on my wrist an feels very heavy. I guess that means I need more charms! Love that 39.3. I think I should get that. I will have to remember the name of that site!

    1. I know what you mean about the lopsided-ness of the bracelet! I do have another Pandora bracelet that's all non-Disney charms and it's lopsided as well. Hah!

  8. Cute charms and especially like the "not-sponsored" comment. I love that you keep it REAL :) . You simply enjoy sharing your experiences.

    1. Thanks, Nicole!! :) I love sharing things that I love...hope others find something they love, too!


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