Friday, September 9, 2016

Fitness Friday - 9/9

Hello and happy Friday! I'm back today with another recap of my workouts throughout the week! 

Despite Labor Day Weekend travel and getting back into the swing of things at home/work, I still feel as if I had a pretty productive week!

Currently Training For:
  • Cajun Cup 10K (Lafayette, LA)
  • Cajun Country Half Marathon (Lafayette, LA)
  • Disney's Princess Half Marathon & Glass Slipper Challenge
  • Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon
Saturday - 5 mile run in Irving, Texas
Sunday - My 1st Spin Class! 
Monday - Travel/Rest Day
Tuesday - 2 mile walk with Brayden
Wednesday - Rest Day  
Thursday - Tone It Up Girls Kettlebell Workout
Friday - 2 mile run

As mentioned, we spent our Labor Day Weekend in Texas with family. On Saturday morning, I knew I wanted to get in a run somewhere, so I asked my uncle about a few good routes around their neighborhood. Well, not only did he get me around the neighborhood, he also got me around Valley Ranch, too! I LOVED running here! Sidewalks lined the route the entire way and the views were pretty nice, too! The weather wasn't so bad, either! 

Beautiful sunrise!

My one main goal for this run was to pass in front of the old Dallas Cowboys training facility. You see, I'm not a Cowboys fan at all but I do LOVE the show, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making The Team (I've been a faithful fan from season 1 and now they are on season 11)!

This spot right here is a popular one that's been shown in the show over the years!

I was SO excited!!

If you remember, I even ran Rock n Roll Dallas several years ago, just so I could see them in person! I've never been a dancer (ok, I was in like kindergarten) but I just love what they do!

Here's a throwback for ya....back to 2011!

I STILL laugh at myself about the moment pictured above. I'm such a nerd.

After rounding the loop nearby, I turned around and made my way back to my aunt and uncle's home.

Along the way, I spotted this miracle right here...

This was amazing to run through! I even managed to dodge the puddles so my shoes wouldn't get wet. I so wish I could take this with me everywhere I run during the summer months!

During brunch on Saturday morning, my cousin invited us to attend a spin class with her the following morning! Neither my sister-in-law nor I had taken a spin class in the past, but we took her up on the offer!

In all, it was one of the toughest workouts I've ever done, but it's one I think I would do again. You can read my thoughts on my first spin class here.

Back at home, Brayden fell asleep during our walk. He officially hit the 5 month mark on Monday and has also hit a few milestones this past month! I'll share more about them in his 5 month update next week!

We also FINALLY had the opportunity to take family pictures! The afternoon weather quit being dumb and stayed clear enough yesterday for us to get in a session with our friend Katie! I can't wait to see how they turned out! Yay!

Tonight is our local American Cancer Society's Jamaica Me Crazy! It used to be a Gala type event but has transformed into a fun Caribbean style theme instead. I'm no longer on the committee this year, but our hospital purchased a table, and I was included so that's why I'm going! Can't wait - this is always a fun one!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Anything fun planned?


  1. I watch DCC too. The first show I watched was season 6, but I was able to catch up with all the episodes online, and I'm going strong. I even have a DCC as a Pure Barre instructor.

  2. Running in a new place is always fun isn't it? I have never heard of that cheerleading show but i'd be pretty excited to run by there too!

    Yay for finally getting those family photos done. Can't wait for a sneak peek!


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