Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Weekend 2016

This past weekend, my family and I spent time with our extended family in Dallas, Texas. It was Brayden's first time to visit Dallas as well as his first time to meet several family members, and we had a blast!

No car trip is complete without Mickey! As far as travel goes, Brayden was a rock star on the trip! He got antsy when we had about an hour left to go, but his favorite rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" on repeat took care of all of that! :)

On Saturday morning, I woke up early and went for a 5 mile run around Valley Ranch.

My main "route goal" was to run by the Dallas Cowboys old practice facility. Although I'm not a Cowboys fan, I AM a fan of the CMT show "DCC Making the Team" (I've faithfully watched all 11 seasons)! Snippets of this entrance have been shown throughout the seasons, so I was very excited to run by it in person! More about my run in Friday's post.

Our post-run brunch was delicious!

After Brayden's mid-day nap, we drove to UNT to tailgate and hang out with family. 

I was so glad I remembered his Mickey fan! He also loved his new umbrella stroller!

Midway through, some Vita Coco reps came by with free samples of coconut water. I'm a fan already, so I loved it!

We didn't stay for the game because Brayden would have been too hot. Instead, we went shopping!

Of course, we stopped at the Grapevine Mills mall for a little Disney Store run! I found several items I'd been eyeing online and I purchased Brayden's Halloween costume! :)
On Sunday morning, I was invited to attend my very first spin class with my cousins. After debating it for a little while, I decided to attend. 

I wasn't so sure about my decision a few minutes into the class, but it was a great experience! I can't wait to share my thoughts on my first spin class in (hopefully) tomorrow's blog post!

We also attended a game at Globe Life Park on Sunday afternoon! Guess who the Rangers were playing?! THE ASTROS! Hello! I HAD to go!

....and of course I wore my Astros gear! I wasn't alone...at least a third of the people I saw at the game were also supporting the Astros! 

The only thing I don't like about this stadium is the fact that its hot! The stadium is open air which means the sun beats down the entire game. Despite the heat, it was a great game and the Astros won!

Go Astros! :)

I couldn't stop my tradition of ice cream in a helmet! I don't have a Rangers helmet so of course, I HAD to get  one!

Dinner that evening was homemade gumbo. It was delicious!

After dinner, we took a few family pictures...

I just love my family! :)

Board games followed shortly after!

The Game of Things is hilarious and we all had a good time laughing! We also played "Speak Out"...I'm sure you've seen videos of this game floating around facebook...

Although that stupid mouth guard brought back horrible memories of my days in braces, this game was HILARIOUS! We had such a blast playing!

Yesterday, we spent our day traveling home. In all, we had a fantastic weekend and really enjoyed spending it with our family and friends! :)

How was your labor day weekend? Did you run any races? Have a fun time with family? Catch up on rest?


  1. You always play the most fun games! Never heard of either of those!

  2. I can't wait to see what Brayden's Halloween costume is! And even though I haven't been to a spin class in over a year, I really do enjoy them. Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

  3. I've never heard of that game! Looks like a fun weekend.
    I remember shopping at the grapevine mills mall. Funny story, I once bought a purse there that had a yellow Labrador on it and the lab was wearing a rhinestone necklace. Yes, looking at it now it is tacky but back then I thought it was beautiful..haha


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