Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Musings

Happy Monday! Another weekend has come and gone by WAY too fast! We definitely enjoyed our weekend and the downtime spent at home. All three of us (five including the doggies) had a chance to spend the entire weekend together and it was wonderful! I loved every minute!

Today, I had a few random thoughts running through my mind, so I'm sharing them with you today...

#1 Call the Midwife

So, a running group friend introduced me to Call the Midwife...I recently got into this show and have already watched all five seasons. I play it at night on Netflix after Brayden's asleep (and while I do things around the house) and it's so addicting! If you were a Downton Abbey fan or if you love stories of babies being born, or if you're into historical shows, or if you're a nurse, I think you'll love this show! It's set in London in the 1950's and showcases a lot of different aspects that women of that era had to deal with and raise a family at the same time - even down to the prescribed medications. All five seasons are currently streaming on Netflix, so go check it out! I have so many favorite characters on the show, it's hard to choose just one! If you're already into this show, what do you think?


#2 Body Glide...never leave home without it


Yes, I did this on Saturday and I'm sad to say I dreadfully regret my stupidity. Although it's the fall season by date, it hasn't yet been fall by temperatures in the south (supposed to be THIS weekend), so I made a silly rookie mistake during Saturday's 12 mile run and boy did I pay for it later. I hope this is always a reminder to me to never leave home without my body glide. Learn from me - just don't do it! Also, don't listen to your husband when he tells you that he has some kind of magical cooling gel that works might leave you on the floor half way screaming in pain. Yes, I'm laughing about this now. On Saturday, not so much.

#3 Pixie

If you think of my sweet little girl (and first baby) today, please say a quick prayer. I have to bring her to the vet today to get something checked out and I hope everything is ok! I'll definitely update once I find out what's going on with her.

That's it for today! I hope you all have a great Monday! :)


  1. Hope everything goes okay at the vet today. I'll be thinking about you guys!

  2. Oh, I'll definitely send some pixie dust your way for your sweet girl! Vet visits are always nerve racking!


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