Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Brayden's 6 Month Pictures

Last month, I took Brayden for his 6 month pictures. We used the same photographer who did his newborns, because I wanted to have a couple of photos to compare with how much he's grown in such a short amount of time.

This session was completely different from his newborns. Where he slept throughout most of his newborn photos, he was awake the entire time for his six moth session. His newborn session also took about 3 hours and this session lasted about 45 minutes, if even that.

He also wasn't quite as cooperative for these photos (you'll see what I mean later), but there's still a lot of them that I love!

For this session, I brought three outfits for three separate backdrops. The last outfit was a prop the photographer had on hand.

First up was the baseball setup - complete with the baseball prop from his newborn photo session. We also added the glove my dad bought him on his date of birth. Oh yes, and my dad also purchased the baseball outfit he's wearing....we aren't a baseball family or anything! :)

From newborn....

To six months!

Where did my bitty baby go??

You don't really realize just how much things have changed until you look back on photos like these!

Our second setup was with a fall backdrop. 

By that point, my little stinker had enough.

Yep, there's that pouty lip...

However, we managed to distract him and get through a few more photos before calling it a day!

Here's another newborn to 6 month transitional picture...

From newborn....

...to six months!

My oh my he's grown so fast.

Our last setup was with a prop the photographer had on hand. I absolutely love these!

It was really interesting to see the difference between his newborn session and his six month session. Babies change, develop, and grow so fast over such a short amount of time, and I love having pictures like these to look back on as my little guy continues to grow!


  1. I love the comparison pictures! How adorable!

  2. So many cute pictures! Its amazing how quickly babies grow up!

  3. The picts are so cute! I especially love the pouty lip. What is it about pouty lips & screaming baby santa pics that are so funny??


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