Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Brayden's First Halloween

Over the weekend and on Monday, we celebrated Brayden's first Halloween! There's just something special about a first holiday and I just love all things that say "my first (enter designated holiday here)..." :) Watch out, Christmas! Oy.

For Halloween this year, we dressed Brayden up as Stitch (found the costume at the Disney Store) and his cousin dressed as Lilo!

Combine the two and....

Voila! Aren't they just the cutest?!

We took them back to the pumpkin patch for pictures and they had a blast! It was so much fun (for me, too)! 

Remember those "my first" items I was talking about earlier? Well, I might have gone a bit overboard on the clothing and accessories. He has two "first Halloween" sleepers, an outfit, and a bib. Whoops.

I mean, who could pass up this cuteness, though?!

Last night, we took "Lilo and Stitch" to a local church for a Fall Festival! It was so much fun! 

We met up with my brother and sister in law and our niece to spend the evening! This church really had an awesome layout and setup! It was super easy to move around and although it felt like half my town was there, it wasn't hard to maneuver through at all!

My Ohana! :)

The kids enjoyed playing games....Brayden even got into the spirit of things!

 We decided this was one he needed to get a head start on for sure...

There was a pumpkin contest, too. This one was by far my favorite! :)

In all, we spent about an hour at the festival and had a great time! We really enjoyed spending the evening with Jason's sister and her family!

Back at home, we let Brayden survey his winnings....although his reward was in the form of gerber puffs only, no candy yet! :)

That tail, though...

Maybe next year, little dude!

How did you spend your Halloween?


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