Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Five - About Me

So, this week's Friday Five theme is "About Me". Here's a few things about me that took place this past week or will take place in the weeks to come! :)

#1 First post-baby race!!

That's right...the day I've been looking forward to all summer is finally almost here! Tomorrow, I'll run my first post-baby race! It happens to be a 10K that ends on the 50 yard line of our local university. The nerves and excitement have definitely kicked in. I'm just praying all holds up with my knee so I can stay on pace.

To make it even more special, my parents and Brayden are going to be at the finish line! I'm looking forward to this race so much!!

...this leads into #2....

#2 Sick AGAIN 

Yes, I'm sick AGAIN. It all started on Sunday and became progressively worse over the early part of the week. I'm finally starting to feel some relief. This cold was worse than the last one - I almost wonder if Brayden and I aren't just passing it right back and forth to each other. Ugh.

Also, I hope it doesn't affect my performance at Saturday's race. I am still really hoping to reach goal number one of maintaining 9 minute miles and staying on pace. Oh well, like I said in Monday's post, I definitely have another 10K the following weekend as backup. We shall see what happens!

#3 Baby Gender Reveal

Last night, Jason's sister and her husband hosted a gender reveal. They are pregnant with their second and already have a girl. We were all Team Blue over here so Brayden would have a little boy cousin to play with! Guess what?! We were RIGHT! I thought it was fun that she posted the big reveal as a facebook live video so those at home could join in, too! Loved it!

They went to a local boutique with their ultrasound and had the workers wrap either a pink or blue stuffed animal in a gift box. The result was a blue elephant! Needless to say, we were (and are) super excited!!

#4 Black Friday!!!

I've already started keeping an eye out for ads and sales and our little group has already started making plans! This is one of my favorite days of the year, although I have no clue what I'll do without my annual JC Penney Mickey snow globe. Sad times...

#5 Snapchat

I know I posted this on instagram but I'm pretty sure I never posted it here...I'm on Snapchat! If you're interested in following along with our little daily (most of the time) adventures, my screen name is kren2700. :)

Today, I joined up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup!


  1. Good luck! I don't know whether I'm fighting off a cold, or allergies. It's the third time this season I haven't been sure.

  2. Everyone has been getting sick. I caught it this week too. I hope things go smoothly for you tomorrow!!

  3. Have an awesome 10K!! It's a perfect time of the year to run!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Good luck this weekend!! You're gonna crush it!!!

  5. Good luck at your race! I noticed JCP stopped the Mickey globes...that just doesn't seen right ;-(

  6. Hope your 10k race went well. I have been fighting a cold as well since coming home from Disney.


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