Thursday, November 3, 2016

Goodbye, Baseball!

We began 2016's baseball season by welcoming Brayden into the world (I was literally in labor on opening day) and last night, we said goodbye to 2016's season with the end of the World Series.

It's been a really fun season of baseball for my family and I! We brought Brayden to his very first Astros game in Houston and we attended a Texas Rangers game (vs the Astros) when we visited family in Dallas over Labor Day Weekend.

During my maternity leave and the early weeks of Brayden's life, we watched nothing but baseball games in the evenings and the Astros stayed on our living room television almost nightly.

This 2016 World Series is truly the thing dreams are made of - two teams who haven't won championships in YEARS, the Cubs since 1908 and the Indians since 1948. They both fought hard and played their hearts out but in the end, the curse of the goat was lifted and Chicago ultimately won the championship by 1 run in extra innings. I love it when the World Series extends into game 7, where two teams who are equally matched play it out until the end. I wasn't necessarily "for" either team, but it was so much fun to watch! Both teams and their fans should be proud!!

What a great and fun filled six months it's been and I'm sad to say it's officially over!

There's no crying in baseball, until it's the end of the season that is!

Goodbye, baseball! See ya next Spring!


  1. It was hard to pick a side, but I was pulling for the Cubs. 108 years is too long to wait.

  2. That's a neat correlation with baseball and Brayden. I love the picture of him in the crocheted outfit - where did you get that personalized baseball from? I have a pregnant friend who would love something like that!

    1. Thank you! :) I ordered the baseball off Etsy - the store was called "Urban Farmhouse Tampa".


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