Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Oral Surgery & The Weekend

I hope everyone's week has gotten off to a great start! Happy Valentines Day!

Last Thursday, I had to have oral surgery to remove a fractured and abscessed tooth. Do y'all remember me having a bunch of mouth issues last year after having Brayden? Well, I went in last summer to have my back molar refilled and the dentist was worried about it abscessing. He put a temporary medicated filling in it and told me I might have to have a root canal or have it pulled. Well, in the mean time my sweet dentist passed away. He was close to retirement and already had another dentist in the area set to take over his practice, so I saw him two weeks ago for a routine cleaning. He told me the tooth was definitely abscessed (although it wasn't bothering me) and he wanted to try to save the tooth. I was referred to an endodontist who said a root canal wasn't my best option because the nerve root was fractured. In turn, I saw an oral surgeon because my dentist was worried about pulling it with the location, the curve of the roots, and the fact that it was fractured. In less than two weeks from the start of it all, I saw my oral surgeon and the tooth was gone. Now, I'm nursing the area, trying to remember not to drink out of straws (I developed dry sockets with my wisdom teeth), and letting it all heal up. 

Yikes. Did I mention I'm not a fan of the dentist (in any form)? All I can say is, I'm so very glad the oral surgeon knocked me out for the procedure!

Oh yes, I also made the oral surgeon PROMISE that I would be better and ok to run by Princess. He told me I would be ok to run mid week this week so here's hoping all stays well and I'm good to go!

We didn't sit in the waiting room long - and funny story - the nurse who started my IV last time for my wisdom teeth (about 8 years ago) was the one who started it again for this procedure (and in the same spot, too)! She said she started working for this oral surgeon when he first came to town and is still there!

My diet for two days consisted of blended bananas and potato soup.

I also had a few visitors after my nap! :)

Oh yes! Exciting news!! Brayden had several firsts this weekend!!

HE IS NOW CRAWLING! Just in the nick of time for his first diaper dash, too! Also, he started clapping his hands without us doing it for him, and he's finally learning the process of a sippy cup!

It's crazy to think that his first birthday party is right around the corner!

On Friday night, Brayden and I attended a gender reveal for some sweet church friends. Only one person at the party knew the gender and almost EVERYONE was team boy except maybe 3 people. It sure was a surprise to see PINK silly string come out of those containers!

On Saturday morning, we were supposed to have Brayden's Valentine pictures taken, but the weather was cray cray and the photographer had to cancel. Instead, my friend Kim came over to help me and in a pinch, we set Brayden up in his outfit with a few props and voila....a "free" Valentine mini session! Hah!

These were not what I wanted at all and I am in no way a professional, but they will do in a pinch.

After his nap on Saturday, we spent a little time shopping for a few things for Disney! It's coming up so soon - can't wait! 

We spent Sunday morning at church followed by lunch with my parents.

I also worked a lot with my silhouette this weekend. Our magic bands are ready to go!

This upcoming weekend, a small group of us are running the "Make Your Heart Race 5K" in honor of Mr. Tracy, my friends dad who passed away about a month ago. He passed away from a sudden heart attack and he loved Disney, so that's where the combo of the team name and race of choice came from. I also have a design on the back but I guess I forgot to take a picture! Whoops!

After Sunday's nap, we had to run to Michael's for a few extra rolls of heat transfer vinyl.

After returning home, we went for a 2 mile walk, then waited on Jason to get home from work so we could eat dinner.

In all, it was an awesome weekend despite the sore jaw and mouth pain! I feel great now and am hoping all continues to heal well!

Hope you have a great week!

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. I hope you are able to run this week. I bounced back quickly after getting my wisdom teeth out, but you always hear horror stories. I don't know why people want to tell them.

  2. I hope you continue to heal - teeth issues are pretty awful, I agree with you on that.

    Yay for Braydon crawling - he's becoming such a big boy!


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