Friday, February 17, 2017

Winter Fitness Rants

Today's Friday Five topic is one about Winter and Fitness Rants at this time of year. Sadly, we really don't have much of a winter in the deep south...but now that I say that, it brings me to my number 1....

#1 Lack of Winter

I mean hello. The end of summer and beginning of fall always brings a promise of cooler days ahead. While the temps outside definitely ARE cooler, we just don't get very many "really cold" days. Give me a nice, clear, crisp 40 degree day and I'm in heaven - perfect running weather. Sadly, those don't come around often enough.

#2 Cray Cray Weather

Seriously, one day I am running outside in shorts and short sleeves and the next, I'm bundled from head to toe. As mentioned above, we do have a few "really cold" spells during the winter months, but they usually turn to warm and crazy humid the following day. Cray cray.

#3 Cute Winter Running Gear

Do I own any? Not really. Sad times. I just don't have the need for it! However, I do love long sleeved tops with thumb holes (I have a few) long sleeved pair of tights and a few dry fit jackets and you've got my winter running wardrobe.

#4 Sickness

With the weather going back and forth like it usually does around here in winter, people ALWAYS get sick on a routine and regular basis. I'm currently nursing sinus garbage right now. 

#5 Random

While recovery from my recent oral surgery has not been near as rough as having my wisdom teeth removed, I do have occasional pain and discomfort. I was released to resume running yesterday, however Brayden didn't sleep very well on Wednesday night (like at all and I was home alone because my husband was on nights...go figure), so my brain gave in to a 2 hour afternoon nap on Thursday instead of running. I am regretting it a little because Thursday was one of those beautiful clear and crisp days I mentioned above but oh well...sometimes sleep is more important.

Bonus #6: I've been working on my Princess Half Marathon costume! Can't wait to reveal it next week...stay tuned! :)

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  1. I hate this roller coaster weather. Its just a recipe for people to get sick.

  2. I always knew I'd get sick with the crazy temperature swings in Texas. As soon as people started sniffling at work, I had Airborne.

  3. I do not think my lack of winter would ever be a rant. I hate running in the cold. I feel less motivated. Maybe I need to move further down south.

    1. Oh goodness...running in the heat and humidity of late July and August, definitely makes me excited about running in the cold! :D

  4. On the upside think about all the money you are saving not having to buy lots of winter running gear :) I do love having all the seasons though


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